What’s more annoying than buying a shiny new device, only to realize that your home lacks an outlet to power it up? In our technology-driven world, it can be difficult to find enough sources to power all of your gadgets – especially if you live in an older home. Overloaded outlets pose safety concerns, so if you are seeking to increase the electricity in your home, stick to safe solutions like the ones listed below: 

Buy a power strip (with a surge protector). A strip of electrical sockets will give you more mileage out of your limited outlets. Place them in an exposed area – if they are covered up, it can cause overheating. A surge protector will prevent accidents by shutting down when the circuit is overloaded. Never plug devices that draw heat, like hair dryers or crock pots into a power strip; this can cause safety risks. To save energy, shut off the power strip once you’re done, using the switch.

Purchase an extension cord. These flexible cords add a few extra outlets to your home – an easy and compact solution for your outlet shortage. The length of the cord lets you run power to far-away appliances. If you decide to purchase an extension cord, make sure not to overload it – if it gets overheated, it can cause a serious fire.

Use an outlet tap. These plug directly into existing outlets to add more receptacles. You can buy them in three or six-outlet forms. Their compact size makes them perfect for bedrooms that need more power sources for phones and laptop chargers. Similar to the above suggestions, it’s a safe idea to buy an outlet tap with surge protection to prevent any accidents.

Cut down on your devices. As a last resort, you can reduce the number of devices that you use. It’s an affordable solution that will save you money on your power bill. Unplug gadgets that are not in use and switch them for your most-needed ones. Or, you can rearrange the set-up that you have; try moving your electric hair styling tools from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Be aware of blown fuses or circuit breaker trips. If you notice that your breaker is constantly tripping, it’s a sign that you are drawing too much power from your home. Even with surge protection, too many adaptors and extensions can cause problems for your home’s electricity. In this case, call an electrician to remedy your electrical problems. As the saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry – especially when it comes to electricity. 

Install new outlets. Finally, if you need to augment the power in your home, you can add more outlets. Rewiring your electricity can be risky, dangerous, and illegal. It can also cause skin burns or a fire. Rather than risking a DIY solution, you can search for electrical companies in Winnipeg. Powertec Electric can help. Our master electricians will expertly increase the power to your home without overloading your circuits, keeping you and your family safe.