Emergency Electrical Services Winnipeg
Powertec Electric offers emergency electrical repair in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Have an electrical emergency? Call us right away.
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Emergency Electrical Services Winnipeg

Losing power unexpectedly is an inconvenience at best and a hazard at worst. Winnipeg weather can be brutal—whether it’s the sheer cold of January or the blistering July heat. Outages are emergencies when you’re heating and cooling your home or business using electricity.

Those aren’t the only emergencies, either. Repeated circuit breaks can lead to business closures, and burned outlets can be signs of serious electrical hazards.

No matter what your electrical emergency is, Powertec Electric is here to help. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical repairs in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. 

24-Hour Emergency Service

Power outages don’t follow a 9-5 schedule—so we don’t either. When your power has gone out, and it’s not the result of an issue with Manitoba Hydro, we can help. We’ll find out what’s gone wrong with your system and get it fixed right away.

Circuits that keep breaking, burnt outlets, frayed wires—we can deal with any of these emergencies, and others, quickly and efficiently. Our 24/7 emergency electrical services are offered to both residential and commercial clients.

Electrical emergencies can be much more than just inconvenient. When the weather is harsh, your air conditioner or electric furnace can keep you safe. And businesses count on reliable power to serve their clients—losing power can mean a serious loss of profits.

No matter what your electrical emergency is, Powertec Electric will be there to help—24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in Winnipeg.

Emergency Repairs Tailored To Your Situation

No two emergencies are exactly alike. From overloaded systems to electrical hazards, electrical emergencies must be handled with care.

Our electricians will fix your problems quickly and, when required, discreetly. We understand that businesses need repairs with minimal disruptions to their day-to-day operations. The team at Powertec Electric can work day or night to repair your electrical system. This allows us to address emergencies at the time that’s most convenient for you. 

Have an electrical emergency? Call Powertec Electric

We’ve been helping Winnipeggers with electrical emergencies for over a decade. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can count on Powertec Electric for repairs—any time of day, any time of year.


Need emergency repairs? Get in touch with us right away. When our reliable, fast-responding team of electricians fixes your problem, you’ll be glad you called.

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