Cabling Services Winnipeg
Do you require cabling services from experienced technicians? Get the most out of telephone, data, and television services from Powertec Electric Inc.
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Cabling Services Winnipeg

At Powertec Electric Inc., we’ll ensure your structured cabling systems in your business, or campus works efficiently, delivers predictable performance, and has the flexibility to accommodate relocation and changes. Planned properly, your cabling can maximize availability, improve redundancy, and provide future proofing. What separates our work from the rest? Our skilled professionals will get the job done right. The quality of your cabling depends on the quality of the installation. 

Telephone Cabling 

Many residential and commercial locations have yet to go wireless, especially when it comes to telephones. Landlines have many benefits, so ensure that you receive reliable cabling installation. Whether you need to install or replace telephone cabling in your home or business, our team of technicians will do it well.  

We’ll upgrade to fiber optics and provide structured cabling between room locations. This way, you can make the calls you need without the headaches of performance issues. Whatever cabling improvements you need, our skilled professionals will get the job done right. 

Data Cabling 

We understand how integral data network cabling is in commercial spaces. It affects everything from phones to personal computers, fax machines, and more. Even though we have the WiFi devices, they still need hardwire connections. We provide data-cabling services to ensure your network infrastructure is well-maintained. 

Our experienced licenced technicians use dependable equipment and state-of-the-art procedures that guarantee your cable integrity remains strong after installation. We also ensure all cables that run through your building are well-hidden within walls, floors, and ceilings to avoid interrupting your business and network performance. 

Cabling installation can often get overlooked. Avoid the risk of sub-standard performance and contact our cabling experts today.   

Television Cabling 

Homeowners deserve the right to enjoy their favourite television programs without issues. Just because wireless cable boxes are becoming the new norm doesn’t mean you have to suffer through poor-quality cabling.

Whether you’re using old or faulty cables, you can rely on our improved cabling equipment that offers improved speed, signal strength, and performance. We can relocate your internet modem, replace old damaged cables, and ensure proper grounding for equipment safety.

We assure our customers that our cabling services are quick and efficient. Don’t worry about us getting in your way. Our team can be in and out of your home fast enough for you to enjoy your upgraded television capabilities. 

Contact Us

At Powertec Electric Inc., we aim to service all the wiring needs of our Manitoba customers. We can be the team you call if you need to improve your network infrastructure or upgrade to new electrical installations that better your fiber optic capabilities. For more information about our telephone, data, and/or television cabling services, contact us today for a free estimate. 

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