When it comes to electrical supplies, how much do you know about it? If ever there’s an electrical problem, how would you respond? Our knowledge of electrical wires, outlets, voltage, amperes, extension cords is essential to have a safer environment. Faulty wirings are the main cause of fires in building, houses and establishments. We want to avoid this incident to happen because this is the most painful tragedy we would experience.

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Problem number 1: what electrical wiring size you need for your house, appliances and etc.

Who says that you can just buy electrical wires without considering its sizes? Once in our life, we thought that all wirings are the same no matter how big or small its diameters are. After that, we realize that’s the reason why your attempted electric fan repair won’t work. Well, that’s two way, either you don’t know how to repair it, or you must have used the wrong electrical wirings.

Why is it important to get the exact wire size? General causes of fire on houses are faulty electrical wirings. Remember when your mother said, avoid plugging too many portable appliances on extension cords? That is because there are times that extension cords have limited amperes. For instance, a 15amps is for #14 wire and 30-amps is for #10 wire. So, a#12 gauge with 20-amp is good for a kitchen appliance, but it poses danger to electric heaters which consumes 30-amps.

Problem number 2: choosing the right extension cords

Have you ever wondered why your technician asks you what size and how long is your extension cord? There is a good reason for that. Extension cords with smaller gauge (#10) with 50ft long can only carry 15-amps if there’s a conductor it can reach up to 30-amps.

It is also important to point out the type of extension cord you want to purchase from electrical suppliers Winnipeg. There are outdoor cords and indoor cords to choose from. Outdoor cords are more reliable to ampacity than indoor cords.

Problem number 3: You’re not sure what to buy in an electrical supply shop

Number three is everybody’s problem. All of us when we buy electrical wires or extension cords would simply pick what’s displayed on the rack. We never think of ampacity, gauge, types of cords because we see these things as similar to each other.

They all do the same function – to produce electricity to our homes. So, when we go to the shop, we just pick and pick and pick. And, when we get home, a huge problem occurred, faulty electrical wiring, voltage shortage and so on.

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Solution for all: Electrical suppliers Winnipeg gives you everything you need

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