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The number of new construction homes in the country is on the rise. This means that many homeowners are seeking out electricians to help wire their entire home. For an electrician, this can be an exciting undertaking as we create the very foundation for all of your future electric needs. You should be aware that there are a lot of considerations to be made when you are wiring a new house. When it comes to what you want and need, you may need to talk with your electrician.

If you’re thinking about wiring a new house, here are a few of the top considerations you will have to make.

Do you want a smart home?

Smart homes require a little more electrical finesse than those without advanced technological capabilities. They require special switches and outlets to be able to control your lights and power through the popular apps on your smartphone device. This is something that you should share with your electrician before they begin wiring your new home. While you can adapt your home later, it is best to do it from the very beginning. It will provide a lower cost to you and much greater convenience.

Do you want surround sound or whole-house audio?

If you plan to install an extensive sound system in your home, you may need better wiring for certain rooms. Most people prefer to mount the speakers from the ceiling which means you will need wires and outlets in these areas. Even if you don’t have plans to immediately install your sound system, you will definitely want to have the home outfitted for them in advance. It is much simpler for a contractor to install the ceiling outlets now than to work around your furniture later.  

Where do you want your servers or modems?

Some homeowners hate the idea of storing their internet modems and servers in their main living areas. They would prefer to tuck them away in a closet, but there are no electrical outlets in these areas. You need to talk with your contractor about installing outlets in the closets if you think that you may want to store these devices in there.

Where will you keep your lamps?

There’s nothing worse than tripping over an electrical cord and pulling a glass lamp down with you. If you think that you will be using lamps in the main living areas, make sure you ask the electrician to install floor outlets nearby. This can save you from tripping over the cords and make your living space appear significantly neater.  

When you are wiring a new house, you have to think about all of the practical things that still need to be accomplished. Be sure to share your concerns and priorities with your full-service electrical contractor to see about making your dreams into a reality. Powertec Electric has the experience and the training to help build your home from the bottom up. Be sure to give us a call today for a free estimate!