Electric transformers are everywhere, but a lot of people don’t really know what they’re used for. This blog will explain their uses and purposes:


Simply, electrical transformers are machines that are built and used to transfer electricity between different circuits. These transformers assist in the efficiency of power systems by raising and lowering the voltage levels that are required for different sources.

How do they work?

Electricity is the lifeline for how these machines operate. An important part of the process is the fact that when a fluctuating current flows down a wire, a magnetic field will form around it. The strength of the magnetic field is affected by the size of the electric current. The bigger the current is, the stronger the magnetic field can be. When the magnetic field fluctuates around the wire, a current can be applied to it. And when a second coil of wire is put around the first, the electric current that gets sent through the first wire will also flow through to the second wire. This creates what is called a primary and secondary current. The wires are then coiled around a soft iron bar which acts as the core and transmits electrical energy more effectively. For this entire process to work correctly, the transformer will need a type of constantly reversing electricity called alternating current (AC) instead of direct current (DC), which will only move in one direction. The transformers themselves can be designed to “step up” or “step down.” According to Electronic Design, step-up transformers will boost a lower voltage into a higher one which speeds up the long-distance distribution. A step-down transformer will reduce the voltage when received at a local distribution station.

What are they used for?

Electric transformers can be used for many industrial and residential purposes, and most importantly, they regulate, stabilize, and distribute power across many long distances. This gets electricity from one destination to another in a fast but safe manner. Triad Magnetics highlights the importance of the use of transformers. They can be used in many forms, from the basic flow of electricity to the inner workings of power stations, automation and industrial processing controls, lighting systems, and medical devices, such as MRI and CAT scan equipment. They are also used in our homes, like with air conditioning, and regulating the amount of power used for our devices, like computers, televisions, and other appliances, such as microwaves and toasters.


We often take our access to electricity for granted, which can lead us to moments of panic or concern when the power goes out in the house, business, or surrounding area. Electricity is what our lives are built on, and our use and reliance on it are integral to our infrastructure. If you have any concerns or inquiries about any services or maintenance, call your trustworthy and helpful Winnipeg electrician, and they will take care of any electrical needs you might have.