Are you a resident of Manitoba having an active account at Manitoba Hydro? Are you planning a home appliance, facility and equipment upgrades? Do you envision your homes to be energy efficient, environment-friendly and a whole lot comfortable?

You may qualify and avail of some of the Manitoba Hydro Programs. These programs are designed to help customers cut utility costs, save money, and source out financing.

There are fantastic savings and rebates, and affordable loans and financing that Manitoba Hydro is currently offering.

manitoba hydro power smart home insulation program

Manitoba Hydro Programs on Savings and Rebates

To help you earn rebates while saving energy, Manitoba Hydro Programs are designed just for you.

Power Smart Home Insulation Program

Homeowners having homes built 20 years ago with insufficient insulation may qualify for this program. Adequate and proper insulation saves you money and brings you comfort. This type of Manitoba Hydro programs gives rebate to help you can insulate your homes.

Power Smart for New Homes

If you have a plan for building a new house, examine its impact on the environment. If you design an energy efficient home, Hydro’s program offers incentives and design assistance. This scheme will help you cut operating and maintenance cost.

However, your new home must be 20 percent more efficient than conventional homes.

Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program

Using a 15-year old freezer can cost you $100 a year. Doing an upgrade will be a lot better. Manitoba Hydro programs can also help you with this.

Through their Power Smart Refrigeration Retirement Program, they will pick up your old fridge and freezers. These appliances will be recycled to lessen the waste brought to the landfill. On top of that, you may also receive a $50 cheque for every device they collect.

Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program

Your water heating bill can amount up to 12 percent of your total bill. Thus, Manitoba Hydro Programs launches the Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Program. Through this, you can avail of the free Water and Energy Saver Kit. The kit will help you save water and energy.

Manitoba Hydro Programs on Loans and Financing

Manitoba Hydro offers a wide array of loans and financing for your home energy efficiency upgrades. A specific credit can apply to the various project with different eligibility conditions.

Power Smart Affordable Energy Program

This program is designed for homeowners or renters that has a very minimal income. The energy efficiency review will determine if you may qualify for a free insulation. The coverage of this insulation projects include the basements, attics, walls, and crawlspaces.

Customer Contribution Time Payment Plan

A Manitoba Hydro customer can apply for this type of financing. The program covers relocation of plants, wiring facilities installation from overhead to underground and service extensions.

Residential Earth Power Loan

This type of loan is available for geothermal and cold climate air source heat pumps. Solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems are also included.

The maximum possible loan is $500. This financing is very convenient for you since your monthly amortization payments are just included in your energy bill.

Energy Finance Plan

This program is for electrical and gas systems upgrade. Residential, commercial, seasonal and farm customers are welcome to this plan. Financing can be up to $5,000 for five years at 6.75 percent interest per annum.

Power Smart PAYS Financing

The PAYS financing is an affordable choice for you and your family. The estimated annual savings on utility will be used for your upgrades (or a part thereof). Monthly payment payments are included in your energy bill.

Power Smart Residential Loan

This type of loan is also available for your home upgrades with no down payment. This scheme can cover your upgrades for space and water heating, and ventilation equipment as well as insulation.

Hiring Contractors and Retailers

You may opt to hire a contractor or a retailer depending on the program that you may avail. However, you should get three estimates from different contractors for you to compare.

Most importantly, your contractor must be registered with Manitoba Hydro.

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