Here in Winnipeg, it’s summertime; that means a lot of outdoor activity, and less time spent in the house. The air conditioning is doing overtime, because this summer has been particularly hot; our climate being as extreme as it is, the wintertime isn’t much better for the power bill, with my electric furnace doing overtime. Your hydro bill might be a bit higher than you’d like, too; here are some tips on bringing it down.

Shutdown Your Computer

Don’t just rely on your screensaver; you can shutdown your computer and turn off your monitor to save energy.

Eliminate Vampire Power

Devices may claim to be off, but actually still be drawing “standby” power. You can verify how much standby power your devices might take, unplug devices when they’re not in use, or buy advanced power bars that detect when a device isn’t in use and stop it from drawing power.

Choose LED lights

Here in Canada, it’s almost impossible to get incandescent lights; manufacturing incandescents of many types suitable for home use is banned. That said, if you’re still using old incandescents, switch to LEDs, and you’ll save!

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

…when you’re not at home. Obviously, you need to preserve your energy too, so cooling off when you’re in your house makes sense, but while you’re away, consider shutting off the AC.

Turn Out the Bright Lights

There are many ways of saving money on lighting. Turn off lights when they’re not in use. When reading or studying, use task lighting like lamps rather than your overhead lights. Use natural lighting from your windows when possible.

Get Rid of Old Appliances

Do you have a fridge plugged in that you’re not using? You might be tempted to keep it, in case your need for food storage is doubled for some reason; realistically, though, it’s just draining power and money. Old TVs can also be replaced for power savings (and the added benefit of a new TV)

Give Hydro Costs the Cold Shoulder

Try not to use too much heat in the summer; barbecue outside, make salads, drink smoothies. Swim outside to cool off, take cold showers, and use cold water to wash your clothes.

Update your Outlets

There are energy saving outlets and eco-friendly light dimmers that can help you control and reduce your energy consumption; get them installed!

Water Way to Go

Don’t let water damage your hydro bill! Fix your leaky faucets, and don’t let water run when you’re not using it, like when you’re shaving.

There are many more tips and tricks for saving electricity, from how you insulate your home to how you run your dishwasher. You may want to buy a new, energy-efficient entertainment system, or change the outlets in your home; top-rated electrical companies will be able to help you find efficiencies, as well as integrate new appliances and outlets into your home grid.  The long-term advantages of these investments can far exceed the cost of purchase; this means you’ll save money, and help the environment!