Most of us take it for granted, but it’s nothing short of amazing that when we plug in appliances, they’re instantly fuelled by electricity. Yet we hardly give it a second thought. Take the fuse panel in your home, for example. Have you ever wondered what powers all your electronics, from your entertainment system to your kitchen stove? A fuse panel distributes electricity to all appliances that draw from it. Even though fuse panels are a common sight in older homes, they aren’t exactly safe. Many believe that they are outdated; if your home has a fuse panel, here’s why you should consider replacing it:


What are the dangers of an outdated fuse panel?

Ever wondered where the saying “they just blew a fuse!” came from? In everyday language, we say this when someone explodes with anger, but in terms of electricity, it has a different meaning. When an electrical circuit is overloaded, a fuse will blow. It indicates that your home is drawing too much power at once. This poses a danger to members of your household: the wires can overheat and cause a fire. To fix your power problem, you need to install a new fuse, which isn’t always possible. If your fuses are blowing consistently, it indicates that your fuse panel can’t sufficiently power the needs of your home.

Since fuse panels were used in the 1950s, they were built to accommodate the standard electricity usage at that period. In modern times, we use a lot more amps than we used to. Think of all the appliances in your home that are powered at once: there’s your laundry machines, computers, TVs, kitchen appliances, and light fixtures. Old fuse panels simply can’t support our modern, technology-driven lifestyles.

For this reason, fuse panels are considered outdated. It’s safer to upgrade to a breaker panel. 


How do you upgrade to a breaker panel?

One of the greatest advantages of a circuit breaker is that it has modern safety features. When these circuits get overloaded, they shut off to prevent a fire or other damage. All you need to do is reset the breaker. No more worrying about hot, dangerous fuses! Breaker panels meet security standards in Canada, whereas fuse panels do not—this means that without upgrading, you may not be eligible for insurance coverage.

Some homeowners are reluctant to upgrade to a breaker panel due to the replacement cost. A less expensive way to remedy blown fuses is by installing a sub panel with breakers. This option only marginally improves safety, since the main panel still relies on fuses. Once you consider the cost of damages from an uninsured fire, the expense of a fuse panel replacement seems more feasible. 

Upgrading to a breaker circuit is worth the money, if only for the peace of mind that it grants you. An electrician can help save your home from electrical fires. Old fuse panels pose safety risks to everyone in your household. For help with upgrading to a breaker panel, contact the electricians in Winnipeg at Powertec Electric Inc. We have a team of skilled professionals who are prepared to protect your home from electrical fires.