Bright work environment

Are you looking for creative ways to boost your workers’ productivity? There are a number of solutions that are touted to increase your workers’ abilities to think and perform on a daily basis. However, lighting can be one of the easiest aspects of the workplace for you to manipulate quickly and cost efficiently. You have to be careful to choose the perfect lighting in order to ensure that your changes will have the desired effect though.

Take a look at a few of these simple solutions that you can implement this week to make your workplace more productive!

Add blue lighting instead of warmer lighting

Warm lightbulbs that put off a golden or orange tone are perfect for intimate spaces and relaxation. Unfortunately, that probably isn’t the atmosphere you’re aiming for when it comes to your workplace. Blue lighting is definitely the way to go in order to help your employees become more productive on a daily basis.

Why choose blue lighting over any of the other colors available? One of the biggest reasons is because blue tends to reduce the melatonin in your glands and bloodstream. Melatonin is one of the biggest chemicals that helps us to fall asleep each night, so reducing the levels while at work will lead to more alert employees who have more energy.

Make room for daylight

You might be too worried about distracting your employees to open the blinds, but it could actually have the opposite effect. Lightbulbs still can’t compare to the natural bright light found outdoors. By allowing some of this natural daylight to filter into your workplace, you can encourage your employees to work harder with a greater degree of alertness. They may even be more inclined to come up with new ideas.

Illuminate your workplace even brighter

One of the easiest ways to change your workplace quickly is to brighten up the area. When fighting seasonal depression, most psychiatrists will recommend that people expose themselves to roughly 2,500 lux (a unit of measurement for light) throughout the day. Most workplaces come in extremely low of this ultimate number. If your employees were less susceptible to seasonal depressions, they might be more energized, active, and alert which can help you make the workplace even better.

Give employees desk lamps and task lights

Sometimes, you might need a little extra light to really be able to focus on the project that comes across your desk. The overhead lighting might not be sufficient for someone who has to pay extreme attention to detail. Giving your employees desk lamps and task lights is a simple way to ensure that they can see and focus on their assignment.

At Powertec, we have a team of qualified electricians that can help you to restore order to an unruly office. With a few simple changes in lighting, you can boost the satisfaction of your employees and improve their productivity. Allow us to help you implement some of these changes and more to boost efficiency in your workplace.