Antique or vintage houses say a lot about the history of the engineering and architectural influences that have been in action in a certain place over a period. With that said, several components of the house such as the wiring systems, are one of the elements which can give people an idea on how modern electrical wirings came to be.

You might be wondering, how does knob and tube wiring work, especially since it has been widely used for a long time (from 1880 to the 1930’s).  Determining how this electric system came to do so is a method of how early electric wiring designs gave birth the common systems installed in buildings and homes today.

cost to replace knob and tube wiring

How does Knob and Tube Wiring Work?

The wiring system which knobs and tubes use resembles a pipeline system, especially since these single-insulated copper wires are hidden from plain sight all the while being nailed to a specific fixed and insulated area (porcelain or ceramic knob insulators) as the electricity is distributed. Its design has prompted many people in the past to use them in their houses for some reasons, and these include:

  1. It is cheaper than any other electrical systems.
  2. When spaced correctly from each other, they can potentially maximize their current carrying capacity.
  3. The porcelain or ceramic knobs may take longer to get damaged, so they protect exposed wires for a long time.

How to Tell if Knob and Tube Wire is Live

With the advantages that this electrical wiring system offers, it is imperative to know if such system is live or not especially as you acquire a new property with an old structure built on it. You can have a standardized routine inspection conducted by professionals to help you learn the truth if the structure is safe, through the dangers which these experts can identify stemming from faulty wires which need replacing. In doing so, you are assured that you are protected from the dangers which come from such wirings, today.

Cost to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring

As much as you follow care tips to prolong the optimal status of your wiring system, the damage will eventually come to them, but you should consider having these damages fixed investment, given that no amount of money can pay for the lives which will be put in danger in not doing so. According to experts in this practice, the average cost to replace knob and tube wiring vary from 8 to 14 thousand US dollars. Prices may vary depending on the area which needs to be covered, and the services which need to be done, so better prepare your wallets in advance.

how to tell if knob and tube wire is live

Preventing Knob and Tube Wiring Risks

Old buildings usually have outdated electrical wirings, and often, insurance companies do not cover insurance for buildings which use an older electric system such as a knob and tube wiring, especially since these may already be predetermined hazards to old homes. Hence, it pays to know how to tell if knob and tube wire is live to prevent accidents from happening and to have them replaced should any problem come up with it during inspections. In doing so, you may have to prepare to pay for the cost to replace knob and tube wiring, as this small investment can potentially save lives in the future.