Power outages are inevitable, no matter where you live or what type of home you have. Most homeowners aren’t equipped with generators to power their homes in the absence of electricity, so it helps to know that you’ll be as prepared as possible for the power to fail. What can you do to minimize the impact that a power outage will have on you and your family? 

Here are a few key tips to make sure that you’re prepared:

Keep Lights Handy

Ideally, you would have an alternative source of light in every room of your home. For most, this will mean keeping a flashlight in each room. Don’t forget to store extra batteries in a safe and dry location just in case your flashlight dies at a pivotal moment. 

If you don’t want to have to worry about batteries and flashlights, you can also store candles and matches in the main living areas. Oil lamps are also a great idea, as long as you’re positive that there’s no gas leak in the home while the power is out. 

Stock Your Pantry

When the power is out, homeowners with electric ovens and stovetops might have a hard time finding something to eat. You won’t be able to heat anything up in the microwave or cook your food, so be sure to stock the pantry in advance. Keep a few non-perishable goods tucked away so that you’ll have something to eat that doesn’t require heating or cooking. 

You should also keep some paper plates and plastic utensils so that you don’t have to leave dirty dishes in the sink if you rely on electricity to bring water into the home. 

Keep the BBQ Prepped

A BBQ can be a great way to cook your dinner because it doesn’t require electricity. You can go outside and enjoy some fresh air while grilling up burgers and/or veggies. Always make sure to keep the gas tank full or keep a spare bag of charcoal on hand if you have a hibachi. 

Stockpile Water

If you have a well that’s powered by an electric pump, you’ll be in serious trouble when the power goes out. Stock up on bottled water to last for at least three days at one gallon per person. This should be enough for drinking and hydration. You may want extra for any cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. 

Don’t forget to stock up on a little extra to give to your four-legged friends as well.

Don’t Forget Your Electrical System

Of course, it’s always best to ensure that your electrical system is in good shape prior to a power outage. Get your major appliances outfitted with surge protectors, and make sure that all of your wiring is in working order so your downtime will be minimal. If you need electricians in Winnipeg, give Powertec Electric a call to see how we can help you prepare for emergencies!