The Importance of Knob and Tube Removal in Your Winnipeg Home

knob-and-tube removalA component of a home that poses a constant risk is its electrical system. Electrical systems should be carefully and meticulously put together and installed by professional electricians. Your Winnipeg home’s electrical system should be constantly inspected too, especially if the residence is relatively older and thus may have outdated electrical elements.

A faulty electrical system can lead to a fire, but this can be prevented if proper precautions are applied. One particularly hazardous electrical system component is K&T wiring, which dates back decades.

Call the Experts

For K&T updates in your Winnipeg home, including removal and rewiring, consult with our outstanding electrical contractors at Powertec Electric Inc. We have the best technicians who utilize only the most up-to-date technologies in working on your home’s electrical system.

In the following sections, we will delve a little more deeply into what K&T wiring is, why it is no longer safe to use these days, and how to go about knob and tube removal and rewiring.

What Is Knob-and-Tube Wiring?

K&T wiring is made out of ceramic. The ceramic knob holds the electrical wires, while the ceramic tube serves as a protective case over wires that pass through the wall projections and the floor beams. K&T wiring was very popular and most widely used from the 1880s to the 1940s.

Given this timeline and age, these devices in electrical wiring are clearly out of date. They very likely no longer apply to homes of today, as they are no longer compatible with the other elements of a residence’s electrical system. Still, knob and tube is common in Winnipeg, and its removal and rewiring are deemed mandatory, taking into account how dangerous it can be to the household.

Why Is Knob-and-Tube Too Hazardous?

K&T wiring is a system that is completely ungrounded. This absence of a grounding conductor is practically unacceptable in the electrical standards of today.

This very old system is designed to be kept in open air in order for the heat to dispel. This cannot be the case in today’s power supply demands, even in relatively smaller homes. Modern appliances and devices have much more immense power supply demands, which the classic knob-and-tube would not be able to handle. After all, it is an aged system that is intended to cater to much lower power supply demands.

How Do You Go About Knob-and-Tube Removal and Rewiring?

Simple Knob And Tube RemovalFirst off, do not attempt to perform the task yourself. Even identification of knob-and-tube requires expertise.

Our insured and licensed home inspectors and electricians at Powertec Electric Inc. can examine and assess your Winnipeg home. They will first disconnect the entire power supply for the purpose of safety during inspection. Our expert electrical contractors will then try to find any K&T wiring.

Upon uncovering this kind of wiring system, it is best advised to have it removed and get electrical rewiring for your home’s power system.

It will be quite an investment, but it will be an expenditure that will be worth your peace of mind, knowing that dangers to your Winnipeg home are kept at a great distance owing to your updated electrical system.