When you install new hardwood flooring or repaint the interior of your home, you show it off with a sense of pride. Not only did you upgrade the appearance of your property, but you did so with your own two hands!

If your living room or bathroom is looking a bit bland, add an element of surprise by installing a new light fixture. You can choose from models like:

  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers
  • Track lighting

You’ve gone ahead and purchased a new fixture for your home, but now you’re faced with another problem: how do you install it?

Given the number of jokes about screwing in a light bulb, everyone can agree that this step is not very challenging to do. But installing a light fixture can be considerably complicated. Here’s why:


Problems You May Encounter

Assembling the fixture is more difficult and dangerous than a typical piece of furniture. Here’s what you might be dealing with:

Connecting the wrong wires

Have you ever seen an action movie where the main character had to connect certain wires to deactivate a weapon? If they made a mistake, the building would go up in flames.

Improper electrical work may cause a house fire. Doing the work yourself isn’t worth the damages that faulty wiring can cause.

A mounting bracket that won’t fit

The brackets provided with your light fixture may not be compatible with your existing system. Perhaps they’re the wrong size or the screws are too long. Only an electrician can solve these issues; they can properly attach the fixture and cut the screws to size.

An overloaded circuit

It’s difficult for the average homeowner to know exactly how much power they can draw from their electrical panel. Going over the allotted amount will frequently trip the breaker and overheat the wiring. This is why you must check the wattage of the fixture before you purchase it, and ensure that your circuit has enough amperage to power it. In older homes especially, the electrician may need to run another wire from the panel.

Shocking yourself

Even if you turn off the breaker that’s connected to your light fixture, you might still be harmed. That’s because some wiring systems connect to other electrical junctions which may still be on. An electric shock can be fatal, so it’s important to exercise extreme caution with this type of work.

A light that’s too heavy or high up

Holding your arms over your head for an extended period can be exhausting. Now imagine that you also need to hook up precise wiring and secure a heavy fixture to a ceiling. It’s not the type of task you can necessarily accomplish on a typical Saturday afternoon. 


Outdated light fixtures can be a real eyesore. By upgrading them, you can modernize and brighten any room in your home. But when you purchase a new fixture, reconsider before you try to install it yourself. In general, electrical work is best left to the professionals. Even if you’re renovating on a budget, it isn’t worth jeopardizing the health and safety of your family just to save on installation costs.

Looking for electrical services in Winnipeg? Powertec Electric can help. We’ll set up your new light fixture quickly and safely. Give us a call to schedule an installation.