damaged power cord

Many homeowners are puzzled by how to care for their home electrical system. They may accidentally create new problems while working on projects or worsen existing issues without even realizing it. Attempting to care for your electrical system at home without a thorough understanding of the possible consequences could be tragic. Understanding a few common electrical problems that most homeowners will face can give you a better grasp on what to avoid and how.

Are you determined to learn more about your electrical system and how to manage it safely? Here are a few things that you should always avoid at all costs.

Unprotected Cables and Wires

Whether you are installing a new outlet or dealing with a surge protector, you must avoid unprotected cables and wires. These cords can overheat and burn a small child who touches them. They could also spark and start a fire in your home. It is essential to ensure that you are protecting yourself and your home by replacing damaged cords. Until you can make it to the store, you should at least wrap your cords in electrical tape.

Unsecured Outlets

Are your outlets rather loose or unsecure when you attempt to plug things into the wall? This could spell disaster for you in the near future if you don’t take steps to correct it right now. An unsecured outlet can allow the wires to come loose from the terminal. While this may not seem like a big deal at first glance, it can lead to wires quickly overheating and starting a fire within your walls. You can use some simple plastic spacers to help secure the outlet.

Extension Cords

Using an extension cord every once in a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They can be extremely useful tools when you need to run electricity to an area that doesn’t have any. However, some homeowners use these extension cords to run electricity through their home on a daily basis. If you find that your house needs more outlets for you to use your favorite appliances efficiently, you need to contact an expert to help you install some. Extension cords should only be a temporary measure.

GFCI Outlets

Most people already know that water and electricity don’t mix. Ensure that all of your outlets that are located near the water for your bathroom or kitchen are GFCI. Otherwise, this could lead to some serious problems for you, your home, and your appliances. If they are not GFCI outlets, then you should call an electric company to have them replaced. This is actually a standard in order to meet building codes as well.

When you are facing an electrical problem, your safety could be at risk. Make sure that you call an experienced full-service electrical contractor who can help. Powertec can help you to come to a safe resolution for your problem quickly and easily. Contact us today to see what sort of solution we can come up with for your home!