WINNIPEG, MB: Powertec Electric Inc., a top residential and commercial electrician services company in Winnipeg, is thrilled to announce the installation of its new EV charging system, available for consumer use in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The electricians at Powertec Electric professionally installed the charging station. The station is part of the ChargePoint network; it features 2 Level 2 J1772 charging ports at 27 A and 6.5 kW. As the most ubiquitous charging port in North America, compatible with the J-plug and Teslas with J-plug adapters, it can be used by virtually all commercially available electric vehicles. The charging station is available on-site at Powertec Electric’s headquarters. 

The team at Powertec specializes in installing EV chargers for homeowners and business owners. With the news that the Government of Canada is set to require all new cars to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035, the team at Powertec Electric recognized that the time was right to use its knowledge and technical skills to provide EV charging for Winnipeggers. In an effort to ensure EV charging is accessible to their visitors, Powertec Electric has opted to make its EV charging system free to use.

“We are proud to announce the installation of our new EV charging station; it’s a perfect example of our commitment to both our craft and our customers,” said Daniel Hartley, President of Powertec Electric. “With this two-port system in place, we can provide our staff and our visitors with much-needed access to a charging station at no cost to them. The feedback so far has been extremely positive, and we’re excited to play our part in creating a greener, cleaner world.”

Powertec Electric is a leading residential and commercial electrician services company serving Winnipeg and the surrounding area. It specializes in various residential and commercial electrical projects, including EV charging installation, knob and tube wiring replacement, solar panel installation, and more. Additionally, it works with general contractors and developers to offer electrical installations for new builds and renovations. 

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