WINNIPEG, MB: Powertec Electric, one of the leading electrical companies in winnipeg, has recently acquired a Wirewerks certification for structured cabling.

Now that more businesses are operating remotely, the speed of your internet connection has become increasingly important. It directly impacts a company’s overall performance and productivity. With a structured cabling system, businesses can better adapt to the changing landscape of the online world. It will also reduce downtime caused by a disorganized cabling system or outdated hardware.

Structured cabling is a telecommunications infrastructure made up of six subsystems, all working together to create an organized and effective digital infrastructure for modern businesses. Structured cabling supports internet streaming for remote companies, provides higher connection speeds for computers, and makes cable management easier.

Structured cabling systems are designed to transmit data at higher speeds and make cables simpler to organize. They reduce power consumption and offer more reliable performance. Overall, structured cabling is more cost-effective than point-to-point cabling systems.

Business owners seeking to upgrade their cabling system can turn to Powertec Electric for their installation services. The Wirewerks certification ensures that customers will get a high-quality installation from a trained technician. Wirewerks is a manufacturer of structured cabling solutions.

With this certification, Powertec Electric engineers are trained and qualified to install optical fiber structured cabling systems. They have honed their skills and learned the best practices for installing optical fiber cables and connectors.

For those looking to install a new cabling system in their apartment building, office, or other commercial business, a structured cabling design will provide faster speeds and better cable management. 

Powertec Electric is one of the top electrical companies in Winnipeg,  offering premium services for industrial, commercial, and residential areas. Powertec Electric also provides knob and tube replacements. For more information about the company and the services it provides, visit its website at