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Winnipeg Electrical Company Acquires New Certification For Structured Cabling

WINNIPEG, MB: Powertec Electric, one of the leading electrical companies in winnipeg, has recently acquired a Wirewerks certification for structured cabling. Now that more businesses are operating remotely, the speed of your internet connection has become increasingly important. It directly impacts a company’s overall performance and productivity. With a structured cabling system, businesses can better […]

How Can You Prepare Your Home For A Power Outage?

Power outages are inevitable, no matter where you live or what type of home you have. Most homeowners aren’t equipped with generators to power their homes in the absence of electricity, so it helps to know that you’ll be as prepared as possible for the power to fail. What can you do to minimize the […]

Why Should A Homeowner Have An Electrical Inspection Performed On Their Home?

Homeowners have a lot of things they need to juggle to keep their property updated. Many people overlook the importance of their electrical system because it’s hidden away behind their walls. However, if you want your lights and appliances to work properly, this is one system you don’t want to ignore.  An electrical inspection might […]

Winnipeg Electrical Company Leads By Example: Installing Panels On The Roof Of Their Building & An Electric Vehicle Charger

WINNIPEG, Canada – Powertec Electric Inc one of the fastest-growing and most innovative electrical companies in Canada, is thrilled to announce the installation of solar panels and an electric vehicle charger at their head office. The company has been growing exponentially as the demand for solar power has increased due to rising energy prices and […]

Winnipeg Electrician Firm Braced For Exponential Growth As Federal Government Invests In Electric Vehicle Chargers

WINNIPEG, Canada – Powertec Electric Inc., one of the largest and most successful electrician firms in Winnipeg, Canada, is bracing itself for exponential growth as the country prepares for the huge switch to electric-powered vehicles. Ottawa recently announced a $155,000 investment to Eco-West Canada so the company can install 31 Level 2 electric vehicle charges […]

How Will The Coronavirus Affect Energy Usage?

The novel coronavirus is affecting everything around us from the restaurant industry to the local public school system. People are out of work and confined to their homes for an indefinite period of time. This virus has impacted every aspect of our economy, but perhaps that is not all that is really going to be […]