Homeowners have a lot of things they need to juggle to keep their property updated. Many people overlook the importance of their electrical system because it’s hidden away behind their walls. However, if you want your lights and appliances to work properly, this is one system you don’t want to ignore. 

An electrical inspection might be a necessity to get your home in proper order, particularly if you are buying or selling. Here are a few reasons why you may want to have an electrical inspection performed on your home or on a property that you’re planning to purchase:  


If you bought your current home without getting an electrical inspection beforehand, it may be time to invest in this report. An electrical inspection can clue you in to major problems with the property that could result in dramatic issues like an all-consuming house fire. You never know what modifications the previous homeowners may have made to the electrical system that could be improper. 

Older Homes

Additionally, older homes should always have an electrical inspection done. Standards change as the years pass, and you need to know that your home is still in good shape. This isn’t the kind of thing that you want to defer until it’s too late (or too costly) to make the necessary upgrades. 

Things can change radically across the decades. It’s typically recommended that you have your home evaluated every three to five years. If you haven’t had a professional electrician evaluate your home in this time period, it’s time to have an inspection done.  

Selling the Home

Sometimes, the best time to get an electrical inspection on your home has nothing to do with wanting to ensure that it’s safe for you to live in. You might want to have an electrical inspection done in advance of selling your home. It could reveal some of the same things we looked at in the last section, but it’s best to know that all is up to code before a buyer completes their own inspection of the property. 

Buying a Home

Everyone has heard horror stories of what it’s like to purchase a home that turns out to be a money pit. You could spend thousands of dollars just to get your home up to code. Before you purchase a house, give yourself some peace of mind and have the electrical inspected. You’ll want to know upfront if you have to sink a lot of money into the property just to keep it safe for yourself or your tenants to live in. 

Hiring the Experts

If you want to get an electrical inspection done on your home, then you need the expertise of the top Winnipeg electrical companies: Powertec Electric is here and ready to help you with your inspection. Give us a call today to learn more about our process for conducting electrical inspections, regardless of whether you’re buying, selling, or just doing some much-needed maintenance!