Most of us plug our electronics and appliances in without a second thought. It’s such a common task that we rarely step back to take a closer look at our electrical outlets. 

If an electrical outlet is slightly loose, is it really dangerous to plug something into it? Here’s our advice: don’t plug anything into an outlet that isn’t flush with the wall. If you do, you may see sparks flying – and not in a good way.

As time goes on, electrical outlets often become damaged or loose. They can start to sit further away from the wall and hang from the wires. Sometimes, when you plug something in, it may fall right out of the outlet only minutes later. Not only are these things annoying, but they’re also downright dangerous.

We’re going to describe why outlets wear down, what hazards this may cause, and why you should call your local electrician for repairs:

Why Do Outlets Get Loose?

Over time, many appliances and systems in your home start to deteriorate. Electrical outlets are no different. Here are a few common reasons why outlets come loose:

  • The connecting pieces are worn out due to poor quality or frequent usage. 
  • The outlet box is too deep within the wall. Over time, this causes the outlet to become loose.
  • The receptacle plug is worn out.
  • The outlet is outdated.
  • You often pull cords from the wall with force.

Regardless of why the outlet is damaged, one thing remains the same: for your safety, it’s best to schedule repairs ASAP.

Potential Hazards

Since we use electrical outlets every day, it’s easy to forget how dangerous they can be. To protect ourselves from the high-voltage electric current, we rely on secure wiring, a stable outlet box, and a plastic shell that sits securely against the wall.

House fires are fatal for hundreds of Canadians each year, and cause injuries for thousands more. Unfortunately, loose outlets often cause these devastating fires.

If your electrical outlets lack the proper protection, you could be exposed to an electrical shock. This may occur the next time you plug something into the outlet. Depending on the voltage of the shock, it may cause burns, or even be fatal!

Another hazard is that the wiring could become frayed or exposed. When electric current flows through faulty or loose wires, it may start a fire. 

Finally, the instability of the outlet can damage your electronic devices. If the outlet is loose, it will result in an inconsistent connection with your phone charger, desktop computer, or kitchen appliance. 

Call Powertec Electric Today

If you have a loose outlet, be sure to avoid using it until you can have an electrician repair it. We strongly recommend that you do not try to fix the outlet yourself; doing so can put the health and safety of your family at risk. 

Doing electrical work without the proper licencing and permits will affect your home insurance; if you eventually make a claim, your home insurance provider may decline it.

At Powertec Electric, we’re passionate about helping people prevent electrical hazards in their homes and businesses. If you have any electrical issues at your residential or commercial property, we’re here to help! To read more, visit our website today.