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Have you been debating making a few upgrades to your home office? If you spend a lot of time getting work done from home, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system might be just the change you need. You never know when you might experience a power flicker that could cost you hours’ worth of work. This one simple device can help you to increase productivity in your office and prevent you from losing important documents and data.

Before you take the plunge and purchase a UPS system for your home office, you should understand a few things. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this power supply system.

What is a UPS system?

One of the most harmful occurrences for computers and devices is a major power surge or a sudden blackout. Many people choose to plug their computers and other electronics into a power strip to guard against these common issues. However, there are a few other circumstances where your devices might become damaged. These can include:

  • Brownouts (when the electrical circuits are overloaded, resulting in power loss)
  • Spikes in voltage such as lightning or during power restoration
  • Power surges caused by appliances
  • Noise caused by lightning or generators

The UPS system is a large box or strip that contains an additional battery inside to protect you from these issues. Keep in mind that your battery won’t last forever if power isn’t going to be quickly restored to your home office. However, it should last long enough to allow you to save your work and turn off the devices before damage is done.

Why do I need a UPS system?

Deciding to purchase a UPS system stems from a desire to protect your devices. If you have expensive computers, servers, and other hardware in your home office, you will probably want to utilize a UPS system. You may even come up with other places you could use one. For example, some people use them to keep their internet server up and running during a power outage. Maintaining your internet during an outage might be very important to help you prevent losses in productivity.

The two main reasons why someone would need a UPS system are to protect their devices and to boost their productivity. Both of these are solid reasons to invest in a system that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on fried equipment. These can be used almost anywhere in the house though. When you invest in one UPS system, consider if you might be able to use them elsewhere in the house as well.

Don’t delay your purchase of a UPS system for your home office anymore. Let Powertec’s team of qualified electricians help you to find the exact model that is right for you. We can keep you from losing time at work and prevent the loss of your valuable devices with this simple tool that can guard against unforeseen circumstances.