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Do you require an emergency power supply in Winnipeg? Powertec Electric can provide UPS system installation services. Contact our team to learn more.
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UPS Service Winnipeg

Energy and power supply can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the world of electrical services. Fortunately, our team of expert electricians at Powertec Electric can provide an array of services, including UPS system maintenance. 

As one of the most reliable and experienced UPS service providers in Winnipeg, we help numerous clients and businesses protect their power supply and equipment from blackouts, system failures, extreme weather conditions, and more. UPS systems are the best way to reduce damage risk as they provide back up power when you need it most. 

Some clients confuse UPS systems with generators, and while both are similar, UPS can be crucial in protecting your sensitive systems. 

What Is a UPS System?

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), also known as a battery backup, is a piece of equipment that provides businesses and sites with a reliable backup measure when your main power supply surges or cuts out. A UPS system is pivotal in providing power when the lights go out. This way, your devices and equipment are protected and remain up and running during a blackout.

Why are UPS systems so crucial? Because they offer security for computers and other electronics. Data loss is a common issue for many industries. UPS can keep things running smoothly when your building loses power. Many UPS systems can deliver adequate backup power for saving important data and documents. Once you’ve ensured all your data is stored safely, the UPS system will shut down. 

While UPS bears a similarity to backup generators, their power supply is much more short-term than most generators. A UPS system is designed to provide only a short-term battery supply that lasts 10-15 minutes. There are many other UPS options with longer battery life, but their initial design was meant for fast emergency backups during a power outage. 

UPS Vs. Backup Generator 

A backup generator is a piece of machinery that supplies surge protection and backup power during an outage. Most generators run on gas or propane, while a UPS runs on a battery. Generators can help provide electricity to your business or home and are often used in tandem with a UPS system. 

When the power goes out, a generator doesn’t start up right away, and a UPS system can bridge the power gap until the generator starts. The UPS battery switches onto backup power mode, so no other devices shut off during a surge or blackout. While generators are useful in supplying more power when you need it most, a UPS can support devices and data and help you stay secure during a power outage. 

Additionally, a problem with backup generators is that they can produce fluctuations in voltage and frequencies, which can supply unstable power to your home or workplace. A UPS can deliver clean output power so your equipment doesn’t get damaged. 

What We Provide

UPS installation is necessary when there’s a need for a power source that cannot be interrupted. For example, hospitals and medical clinics that perform surgery and other life-saving equipment can’t afford to have their power go out. In some cases, businesses that want to maintain or require an “uptime” of production/service will also require a UPS to ensure equipment remains running or has enough time to get shut down. 

That’s what our team at Powertec Electric can do for you. We can provide the following:

  • UPS installation 
  • Scheduled UPS maintenance 
  • Take out services when UPS equipment reaches the end of their lifespan
  • Relocation services


Contact our reliable electricians today to install your next UPS power supply system. We can perform maintenance, track the UPS battery life performance, remove outdated systems, and much more. We’re the right team for the job when you need safe backup power solutions.

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