Thermal Imaging Inspections Winnipeg
Thermal imaging helps identify invisible hazards and issues inside your walls. Powertec Electric’s qualified technicians give you the run-down.
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Thermal Imaging Inspections Winnipeg

Manitoba’s infrastructure endures some of the most extreme temperature fluctuations anywhere in the world. The resulting expansion and contraction (among other factors) put buildings at high risk of sustaining internal damage over time. Early identification of and intervention for energy-related issues can save you a bundle of money in the long run. But how can you see problems that may be invisible behind your walls?

A thermal imaging inspection is a way to get information about hidden electrical, equipment, moisture, and insulation issues without ever having to break open your walls. Using infrared technology, this type of inspection can be part of routine preventative maintenance practices. It can also be helpful after known property damage has occurred (e.g., flood or fire) or when a potential problem is suspected.

The qualified professionals at Powertec Electric Ltd. use infrared cameras to safely executeand interpret thermal imaging inspections at industrial, commercial, and residential locations alike.

How Does It Work?

Infrared energy (a.k.a. heat) is not visible to the human eye. An infrared camera uses specialized technology to detect infrared energy and converts the data into images that can be interpreted by a skilled thermographer.

In general, different colours on the images differentiate between hot and cold areas. They can rapidly identify key anomalies or discrepancies which indicate problems that need to be addressed.

Thermal imaging inspections Winnipeg

Potential Defects

What sorts of electrical hazards might a thermal imaging camera reveal? Let’s take a look:

Old Wiring

Old aluminum wiring experiences increased expansion and contraction as temperatures shift, while knob and tube can pose an increased risk of fires. We recommend replacing old wiring, no matter what. But, if that upgrade is still on your to-do list, then infrared thermal imagers can provide important data (and hopefully some peace of mind) in the meantime.

Aging Connections

Like old wiring, aging connections are more prone to issues. Normal daily usage can cause deterioration over time, which can be exacerbated by climatic factors like moisture, expansion, and contraction. Infrared thermography can detect aging connections before they become a danger.

Overloaded Circuits 

When too many appliances are plugged into a single circuit, there are risks involved. A strained system produces higher infrared levels (heat), which can be detected using thermal imaging. Always avoid overloading circuits on your property and have a backup plan just to make sure everything is operating without increased risk of fire.

Loose Wiring & Connections

Over time, the insulation protecting the inner wires of your electrical system can begin to break down. This can lead to potential electrical shorts and can pose a major risk to your property. Loose wiring and connections are additional issues that can be proactively revealed with thermal cameras.


Motors are one of the main work horses in any industrial environment, ensuring your motors and equipment that use motors are not overheat, and functioning properly is extremely important to maintain the production of your operation.  

Faulty Equipment

Even brand new equipment can come straight from the factory faulty, breakers may not trip properly, fuses may not completely sever the connection completely, and Ground Fault devices may not trip when tested.  Thermal imaging can help identify these faulty devices to ensure your system isn’t hiding a problem in plain sight. 

Get in Touch

If you’re seeking thermal imaging services in Winnipeg, Powertec Electric’s qualified technicians will provide non-invasive and reliable results. Contact us today!

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