Power Smart Upgrades Winnipeg
Powertec Electric can help you make smart electrical upgrades that are great for the environment and your wallet, too!
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Power Smart Upgrades Winnipeg

Smart electrical upgrades can result in increased energy efficiency, safety, and major savings on your energy bills. For these reasons alone, it makes good sense to upgrade the electrical in your home or business.

Then, there’s also the possibility that you may qualify for a Home Energy Efficiency Loan (HEEL). In partnership with Efficiency Manitoba, this Manitoba Hydro program offers loans to property owners whose efficiency upgrades are installed meeting all electrical standards, alongside permits.

Powertec Electric is committed to helping clients to lower their energy consumption, become more power smart, and is knowledgeable of upgrades that qualify for “power smart loans” and rebates.

Areas We Upgrade

LED Upgrades

Powertec’s most common electrical upgrade is swapping out old lighting methods like incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and compact fluorescent for LED lighting. LED lighting helps to lower the overall consumption of electricity while increasing service life up to 15 times. This combo results in major cost savings–especially in commercial and industrial settings.

LED lights emit the same brightness as traditional bulbs, but use 90% less energy. They’re better for the environment, plus LED upgrades come with the possibility for utility rebates.

Home EV Charging Station

If you’ve got an electric vehicle, and you were looking to install a faster “Level 2” charging station in your home you can qualify for loans and rebates to cover the installation costs.  Powertec can help.

Solar Upgrades

The Home Energy Efficiency Loan also applies for qualifying solar upgrades. Powertec Electric’s solar branch (Powertec Solar) is a major Manitoba solar power installer. Solar is a sustainable energy option that can provide impactful environmental and financial savings in the long term.

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Contact Powertec Electric today to find out what sorts of electrical upgrades may qualify your property for efficiency loans or rebates.

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