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Do you want to replace your old incandescent lights with the next best thing? Learn more about the LED lighting solutions available at Powertec Electric.
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Lighting Solutions Winnipeg 

Are you tired of old light fixtures and bulbs increasing your energy bills? Improve your residential and/or commercial space by switching to LED bulbs. While some LEDs might look like ordinary fluorescent lights, they offer more than other standard lighting solutions. 

How Are LEDs Different?

You can receive peace of mind knowing that LED lights are long-lasting and use 75% less energy than the incandescent lighting alternative. 

The key differences in LED lights include the following:

  • Lifespan: A quality LED light bulb can last up to 50,000 hours or more compared to incandescent bulbs. You’ll find yourself changing light bulbs less frequently than before. 
  • Size: LEDs are small, but they can emit light in a range of colours and reach different brightness levels. 
  • Direction: Most other lights rely on reflectors to emit light, whereas LEDs do not. LED light bulbs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for diffusers or reflectors.
  • Heat: Compared to incandescent bulbs and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights), LEDs emit very little heat, while incandescent and CFL bulbs release up to 90% of their energy. 

Residential LED Solutions

At Powertec Electric, we understand the importance of having the most efficient and reliable lighting in your house. Luckily, our qualified electricians have the right lighting products for homeowners everywhere. 

Light up your living space with the highest-quality lighting on the market: LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). You can rely on our experience and knowledge to ensure you have everything you need to highlight your residential space, whether it’s a home, apartment, or condo. 

We can also work with you to determine the best colour, brightness, and lighting design to give your living space the look and ambiance you desire.


Why Residential LED Lighting? 

Aside from the significant savings on your energy bills, LED lights are versatile and offer various functions for your residential space. LED lights provide better optimization for different light levels, known as ambient, accent, decorative, and task. 

Ambient lighting is perfect for a calm, relaxing setting, whereas task lighting provides ample light in open spaces for better visibility. Accent lights highlight featured objects, such as art, plants, and architectural features. Decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and sconces makes every room pop. The luminescence of LED bulbs will definitely improve the light levels in your living space. 

Many modern LED lights come with dimmers. You can also control your LED lights via a smart device and experiment with a room’s brightness, appearance, and colour temperature settings to achieve the interior look you want. 

Commercial LED Solutions 

Thousands of commercial businesses spend millions of dollars on their energy bills to ensure their space has ample lighting. Companies and business owners can benefit from the cost-effectiveness of commercial lighting solutions, but we aren’t talking about just any ordinary lighting option:

LED lights for a commercial space can keep employees safe and satisfied, improve your bottom line, and impress your customers. They’ve quickly become the new standard for commercial spaces. Whether you need LED lighting for your restaurant, retail store, office, supermarket, or hotel, our team of electricians will ensure your commercial space shines brightly. 

Why Commercial LED Lighting? 

Did you know that lighting impacts work productivity? For example, many case studies have proven that better lighting in a commercial setting can enhance employee performance. Improved light control can also transform old, mundane-looking spaces into welcoming and positive environments. 

In addition, LED light fixtures contribute to the overall luminosity of your space, meaning your customers and employees will have excellent lighting in back rooms, parking garages, and more. Our electricians will ensure that all LED lights are wired and installed in the right places to promote your commercial business’s appearance and safety. 

The Benefits of LED Lights

Energy Efficiency 

As we mentioned above, LED lights use less energy than traditional bulbs, meaning you’ll enjoy more affordable bills. While the upfront cost of the light bulbs may be more than incandescent bulbs, they emit the same amount of light, cost less to operate, and last longer. 

Saves You Money

LEDs will make a dramatic difference in the long run if you’re on a budget. Because LED lighting lasts longer, you won’t have to spend money on maintenance costs, cut work hours, or instill shutdowns to ensure repairs are made. LEDs are a cost-effective choice for both your home and business. 

No Mercury

If your family or commercial location is looking into going green, LEDs will help. Unlike CFLs, LED light bulbs aren’t made from toxic materials like mercury. These light bulbs are also recyclable, which ensures landfills, lakes, and rivers stay clean. Switching to LED bulbs will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Fewer Fixtures Required

The light quality from an LED bulb is far greater than traditional light bulbs. Since LEDs can direct their light in various angles for different applications, you can say goodbye to installing more fixtures than necessary. 

Higher CRI

LEDs have a much higher CRI (Colour Rendering Index) than other lighting systems. A CRI measures how accurately a light source renders colour compared to other natural sources, such as the sun. 

Lighting Versatility 

Whatever your residential or commercial lighting needs, LEDs come with several colour temperatures, brightness options, and different bulb shapes/sizes. If you need to dim an area, many LED lights feature dimmer settings for decorative or industrial-like settings. 

Consistent Light Quality

You won’t need to worry about your LED lighting weakening over time. These bulbs emit the same colour and brightness from the first moment you turn them on until they finally expire. LEDs won’t ever flicker during their lifespan and don’t require a warm-up period when you turn them on. No matter the location, LEDs will always keep your residential and commercial sites illuminated. 

With so many LED lighting solutions on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best options. Contact the specialists at Powertec Electric. We’ll provide a free quote and review your lighting needs to ensure you receive a light source that works perfectly for your location and budget. 

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