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Are you looking for home or office rewiring in Winnipeg? The team at Powertec Electric is certified, experienced, and provides professional services. Contact us today for safe and reliable rewiring services for your home or office renovation needs.
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Home & Office Renovations Winnipeg

Upgrading your home residence or commercial office wiring is crucial in ensuring outdated wiring is replaced with safe and trustworthy alternatives. Only professional electricians in Winnipeg have the experience and skills necessary to carry out a rewiring project. Why? Because the job can be a lot of work that requires a certified electrician. Most rewiring upgrades can be tricky, but you can count on our reliable team to get it done, no matter the size and scale of the home or office rewiring project. 

Home Rewiring

You know the saying, “Home is where the heart is?” and we all know its important to keep it beating safely and securely!  No home is complete without the proper wiring, and nothing can worsen your living space more than outdated wiring or electrical issues. Not only is it a safety concern that needs fixing, but it can also save you some money on your energy bills. 

At Powertec Electric, you can expect our certified electricians to provide solutions to your home rewiring needs. We can install new electrical devices and systems during renovations or replace and update your wiring. Our electricians can update your outlets, install high-quality light dimmer switches, completely wire your home or room renovations, and much more.  

Our team strives for customer satisfaction, which is why our electrical contractors will recheck all new rewiring installations to ensure everything works perfectly. Many renovations entail knocking down a wall or two, and sometimes that includes taking out important wiring. No need to worry about whether you’re receiving dependable wiring services; our team can ensure that nothing happens without your approval. We’ll always follow the standards and provide correct information regarding your electrical system. 

Office Rewiring

An office should remain free from safety hazards and poor working conditions. That’s why it’s essential to rewire and replace the electrical systems in your commercial office building. The last thing you want is faulty wiring posing a serious threat to you and your employees. 

Our electricians can assist you with a wide array of dependable wiring services, whether for lighting repairs, electrical panel upgrades, utility installations, and more. We have the skills and know-how needed to provide electrical wiring where you need it most. You can count on our team of licensed, certified, and insured technicians to get to the root of your electrical issues. 

We stay current with all the electrical building codes and conducts to ensure you aren’t stuck with old and potentially dangerous wiring in your office. If there’s an issue with whether or not your building is up to code, we can lend a helping hand and make it a safe space for all. 

Some examples of the rewiring services we provide include the following: 

  • Replacing knot, tube, and aluminum wiring
  • Rewiring light fixtures and switches
  • Upgrading wiring to supper newer appliances
  • Underground rewiring
  • New system rewiring
  • HVAC rewiring
  • Security systems 

If you need home or office rewiring in Winnipeg, contact our trustworthy team of electricians at Powertec Electric today. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can provide safe rewiring services for home and office renovations as efficiently as possible. No matter how complicated the job is, you can expect us to finish safely, on time, and within your budget.

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