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A backup generator can keep the lights on when a power outage occurs. Trust the qualified electricians at Powertec Electric for generator installation!
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Generator Installation Winnipeg

When the grid goes down and localized or widespread power outages occur, your property can be put at risk. Refrigerators and freezers, environmental control options, appliances, lighting, and all kinds of specialized equipment and technologies rely on electricity to function. Trying to survive without these necessities can range from a minor inconvenience to a hazardous nightmare.

No matter what, you want to ensure that your property is protected in the event that a power outage occurs. And that’s where a backup generator comes into play.

Backup generators kick into action within minutes after the power goes out and allow you to maintain electrical function on your property for the duration of the outage. Powertec Electric offers generator installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. We can help you assess your emergency power needs, select a suitable generator, and install it according to the most up-to-date regulations.

Types of Generators

Backup generators range from small to large and may be fuelled by natural gas, propane, diesel, or a combination of fuels. The size and capacity of the right generator for your property will be determined by your location, the electrical demands of your current operation, and an analysis of its most critical components.

Facilities that provide health care services (hospitals and nursing homes, for instance) may require maximum output from their backup electrical systems, while single-family dwellings may be able to survive adequately with less. Likewise, major industrial operations may rely on huge amounts of electricity to meet safety standards, while smaller commercial facilities might make do with temporarily reduced power options.

Benefits of a Backup Generator

There are very few instances where a standby generator doesn’t make sense. It’s a practical and straightforward investment that can keep your lights on (literally) when power loss occurs. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of having a standby generator to rely on:

  • Your daily routine is not interrupted by a power outage. Homeowners can rely on comforts such as cooking, bathing, turning on lights, and watching television. Industrial and commercial operations can meet deadlines, continue with standard client interactions, and maintain a safe work environment.
  • Security systems remain online, and critical systems can be restored immediately. In some instances, this could actually save lives and livelihoods. Medical technologies and secure servers are among the categories of critical systems that require electricity to remain operational.
  • Environmental controls remain intact (heating, cooling, refrigeration, etc.). Having all the food in your freezer thaw and rot is awful, as is shivering through the night in winter or roasting without fans or air conditioning in summer. In commercial and industrial settings, the loss of environmental controls can be catastrophic.
  • Data loss is prevented. We rely on maintaining our technology for everything from personal banking to commercial and industrial records…plus so much more. Avoiding data loss just makes good sense.

The Installation Process

Installing a backup generator begins with a consultation. A qualified Powertec electrician will visit your property to assess your generator needs, suggest a selection of suitable standby generators, and discuss the details of installation.

Your Powertec electrician will thoroughly explain the process of concrete pad wiring for a gas or propane generator and will take the following elements into consideration:

  • Placement of the unit (connection point and establishment). A generator must be placed in a logical location where it will be protected but also easily accessible. A smartly and securely installed generator will provide efficient and timely electrical service to your home/business as necessary.
  • Noise levels. A generator can be quite noisy, so it’s important to locate it where it won’t be a nuisance to residents, employees, or neighbouring properties.
  • Cosmetic issues (where to place the unit and what it will look like). Though incredibly appreciated when needed, standby generators are not always perceived as attractive additions on a property. Sometimes they can be housed within a more appealing structure or hidden from view using natural landscape elements.
  • Ability to hook up to an existing service. This can avoid the cost and labour involved with creating a new service hook-up.
  • Permit requirements. Proper permits must be established before proceeding with the installation of a standby generator.

After the initial consultation and estimate, Powertec will schedule a date and time to begin the physical installation of your generator.

Why Choose Powertec?

With combined decades of experience under our belts, Powertec’s team of electricians is highly qualified, experienced, and meticulous. We put a major emphasis on customer satisfaction, and when you hire us, you can count on prompt service, courteous interactions, and a job done right.

While many electrical companies offer generator installations, we’re confident that Powertec’s customer service and attention to detail will exceed theirs. We have experience installing all types of generators and enjoy the challenge of working to meet your exact requirements, even in unique situations.

If you’re considering installing a generator on your property, Powertec Electric should be your go-to choice for service. Reach out to us today to book your initial consultation and estimate!

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