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A fire alarm system installed by Powetec Electric Ltd. will protect your family and pets in the event of a fire. Call 204-896-3446 to get your fire alarm.
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Fire Alarm Systems in Winnipeg

That Protect Your Family

At Powertec Electric we think it’s important for our clients to protect their families.  There’s been a number of instances in recent history where people have been trapped in fires because they were warned too late that there was a fire in their home. The smoke had already overcome them on before they were able to get to safety. To make matters worse, firefighters have noticed lately that with a lot of today’s, modern composite building materials have a tendency to become fully involved faster than older homes that have traditional building materials. That means that if you are in a newer home or recently renovated home, you have even less time for you and your family to safely evacuate in case of a fire. That is why you should have smoke alarms inside every bedroom and on every floor that are all inter-connected together. That way, when one smoke alarm in the basement goes off, the one in the upstairs bedroom goes off simultaneously as well. That way you have an adequate amount of time to get out of the house before the smoke and heat overcomes you and your family on the top floor.


Warning! Hardware Store Smoke Detectors Offer False Security!

melted-smole-detector Now, if you have a battery-powered smoke detector outside your bedrooms, which a lot of people have, the smoke won’t actually set off the alarm until it reaches the floor it is installed on. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to get out.  So, safety-wise, for early warning, and life safety, it’s important for you to give yourself as much time as possible to evacuate your home during a fire emergency.  And the more smoke alarms you have, in different locations of your house, the quicker you’re will know if there’s a fire, and the faster you’ll be able to get out. The absolute minimum…make sure you have one on every floor that’s interconnected with each other, so that means hard-wired, 120 volts, with a battery backup on every single floor.  The current minimum for our code standards is one on every floor, as well as one in every bedroom.  But if you don’t have one on every floor, you should get Powertec Electric in to install them. We can install smoke detectors to code in a three-bedroom bungalow, for under a thousand dollars, in most cases. If you’re in a three-story house, the price goes up, depending on how many wires we have to fish through your walls; the cost goes up from there.  However, for a basic starter, to bring your smoke detectors up to code in a three-bedroom bungalow, you’re looking at a thousand dollars.  It is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind and security of knowing you and your family will now have ample time to evacuate your home safely in case of a fire. Call us now at (204) 896-3446  or fill out the form on the sidebar to have us come in and give you a free no-obligation quote on installing fire alarms in your home. Often when you pair this service with other services we offer like re-wiring or knob and tube replacement, we can save you money.

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