Houses built 20 years ago possibly don’t have sufficient insulation. Insulation can save you energy and money. Much more, it can add to the comfort of your homes.

You may insulate your attics, walls and even the foundation. Wall insulation may be bulk or injected, and foundation insulation has various methods. Attic insulation, on the other hand, can be roll-on, blown-in or spray foam.

Residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba or across the region can avail of the Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program. You must have an active account at Manitoba Hydro and have met the qualifications, then it is good.

What are the insulation programs offered by Manitoba Hydro? How will you benefit from those programs?

Rebates and Financing from Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program

Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program

Manitoba Hydro’s services include a Power Smart Insulation Program. It offers rebates for the insulation installation and upgrades of your homes.

Your own home will qualify if it is built 20 years ago with established water supply. Your home may not be eligible if it has an on-going renovation or not occupied. Commercial and industrial buildings are not included.

You will receive your rebate eight weeks after the completion of the project.

The Process for Manitoba Hydro Insulation Programs

Upon qualifying for the program, immediately identify the part of your home that needs insulation. It may be the foundation, just the attics or the walls. Then decide if you will do it yourself and contact a retailer or hire a contractor.

Your contractor will complete and submit your application, and inform you of project approval. See to it that your contractors comply all the necessary permits before starting the insulation. They must also follow the Manitoba Building Code.

On the completion of the project, your contractor submits all the relevant papers to Manitoba Hydro. There are instances when your project will be selected for audit before approval or after the issuance of rebates.

Other Manitoba Hydro Insulation Programs

There are also other Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program can you can avail. This includes the Power Smart Affordable Energy Program, Power Smart PAYS Financing, and the Power Smart Residential Loan.

Power Smart Affordable Energy Program

The Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program helps you save energy and money. You may qualify if you are one of those homeowners or renters having limited income.

A qualified individual can avail of free attics, walls, basement, and crawlspaces insulation.

Power Smart PAYS Financing

The Manitoba PAYS financing can provide you an affordable financing alternative if you make energy efficiency upgrades.

Your space and water heating equipment, as well as insulation upgrades, may qualify for this project.

Hydro Insulation Program

Power Smart Residential Loan

You may avail of this program if you upgrade space heating, insulation, ventilation and other electrical equipment.

You will be eligible for this program if you have an active Manitoba Hydro account. You must also be the owner of the house where upgrades are made.

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It’s not yet too late to apply and avail of a Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program. Check the Manitoba Hydro official page for more details. You may also contact a participating contractor for your projects.

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