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Energy Security

It goes without saying that energy is important, which is a funny phrase to use as a rhetorical flourish, because I’m going to tell you how important it is anyway. You’re reading this on a phone or computer right now, unless you printed it out (if so, thank you, you’re my biggest fan). Obviously, without […]

The Primary Ways Electricity is Made

What would the earth look like without electricity? Have you ever seen a whole city without electricity? It’s a pretty disturbing picture. Electricity is one of the fundamental needs of life everywhere, whether you’re a superpower nation or a third-world country. How is electricity made and is there enough to provide for the whole world […]

The History of Hydroelectric Energy in Canada

Hydroelectric energy is energy, by which its name implies, produced by moving water. Most of the stations are near the waterfalls because the energy being produced is highly dependent on the speed and the volume of the water. The water hits the turbine causing them to spin consequently making the generator motors spin thus the […]

Manitoba Hydro Natural Gas Facts and Safety Tips

If you are in Canada, you can choose from the different energy sources. These are, but not limited to oil, natural gas, hydroelectricity, solar, and the wind. In the province of Manitoba and nearby communities, Manitoba Hydro natural gas is available to the public. Manitoba Hydro is electric power and natural gas utility located its […]

What Are the Different Manitoba Hydro Programs the You May Avail?

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates, Savings and Financing

A furnace is part of your home heating system that provides warmth to your home. It blows warm air through ducts and distributes it to your home via registers. The energy source may be electricity, natural gas or fuel oil. When the furnace would break down during winter, it would be terrible. You would need […]