A furnace is part of your home heating system that provides warmth to your home. It blows warm air through ducts and distributes it to your home via registers. The energy source may be electricity, natural gas or fuel oil.

When the furnace would break down during winter, it would be terrible. You would need repair or replacement. When your energy bill skyrocket, you may possibly need for an upgrade.

But don’t worry, through Manitoba Hydro furnace, you can save money or apply financing.

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Upgrade and Replacement of Home Heating System

A home heating system has a heating unit, distribution system, and thermostats. A heating unit could be a boiler or a furnace. The distribution system is via a duct and registers or pipes and radiators.

Replacing or upgrading your heating home system sometimes can be costly. Costs matter especially if you have insufficient means.

However, be proactive and plan first. Choose the right home heating system for you. Consider its impact on the environment, life expectancy, annual maintenance and operation cost and energy efficiency.

Some heating system has high installation cost but can save you money in the long run. Compare to a high-efficiency natural gas heating system; an electric furnace may cost less up front. However, high-efficiency natural gas is energy efficient and has longer life expectancy period.

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates and Savings

If you’re planning to change your furnace, make it more energy efficient.

Majority of the utility cost is from heating. Sixty-three percent of your total bill is from space heating. And 12 percent is from water heating.

To cut costs, install a high-efficiency furnace. The Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Water and Energy Saver Program offers Water and Energy Saver Kits. The kits can help you reduce the usage of water and energy.

Homeowners who joined the program saved $10M collectively in water and energy. If you enter, you can earn a rebate and make savings, too.

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Loans and Financing

Residents of Manitoba can avail of the Manitoba Hydro Furnace Financing.

Power Smart Affordable Energy Program. This program can help in your upgrades even with limited income. Either you own your house, or you only rent, you can still qualify.

Personnel from Manitoba Hydro will come to your place to review your energy efficiency. Review and visitation are done after you qualify. Upon inspection, he will give the essential energy items that are useful to you.

Energy Finance Plan. This program is an on-bill financing for gas and electrical systems upgrades including furnaces. It is available for the customers of Manitoba Hydro. Funding can be up to $5,000.00 per residence for five years with annual interest of 6.75 percent.

Power Smart PAYS Financing. This scheme allows you to use the estimated annual utility savings. This estimated savings can pay for your upgrades.

Power Smart Residential Loan. This system is a convenient and affordable option for financing. The payment may be added to your monthly bill.

manitoba hydro furnace replacement

Choose the Right One

For your installation or upgrades, you may call a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. They offer the service right at your door at affordable prices.

Choose the right home heating system and the right contractor.