A large set of LED bulbs isolated on white background.

LED lighting seems to be the way of the future for electricity. It can save energy and most of the bulbs are thought to last for more than a decade, even when used for twelve hours per day. Does it seem impossible to you that this type of lighting really exists? You may be skeptical, but it’s true! Most homeowners are already aware of the long list of benefits that accompany these new LED light bulbs. However, they are still hesitant to make the rather pricey switch to an all-LED lighting system in their home.

The time is quickly coming where all homeowners will want to change their lighting from the small incandescent bulbs to the more long-term solutions that LED lights offer. Is it time for you to change your lighting? Check out some of these reasons why you should upgrade now.

You want to cut your power bill

Is there anyone who loves the idea of paying their electric bill at the end of the month? According to recent information compiled by Manitoba Hydro, the average electric bill ranges anywhere from $37 to $404 each month. Think about how much money you could save on these utility bills if your home was outfitted with bulbs that were far more energy-efficient. If you are eager to cut your electric bill right now, then it’s time to go ahead and make the switch to LED lighting.

Saving money long-term is more important to you than the initial investment

Incandescent light bulbs are significantly less expensive than their LED counterparts. You are bound to pay more for the technology and the overall energy efficiency found in the LED lights. However, you really need to consider how long these new bulbs are likely to last you. An incandescent bulb is thought to last just one-tenth of the time associated with the more efficient LED lights. They may cost you more initially, but they are going to last you much longer.  

Keep in mind that you will also have to change a few other things around your home. Most homeowners find that they need to replace their dimmer switches to a more compatible model to eliminate the buzzing sound that the LED light may emit with the old one.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is better for the environment

Are you concerned with the state of the environment? Then it may be time for you to replace those incandescent bulbs that are emitting carbon dioxide into the air. These emissions are creating a dangerous environment that is contributing to severe weather, changes to the growing season, and smaller water supplies. While light bulbs are not the only source of carbon dioxide emissions, they can certainly contribute to this effect.

Are you finally ready to make the switch to LED lighting? Let a capable electrician help you to make sense of everything you need to do. We can help you install new dimmers and choose the perfect color for your brand-new LED lighting. Start reaping the benefits of this energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting option by making the switch today with Powertec!