Category: Electrical Safety

How Can You Avoid Power Point Overloads?

Who of us hasn’t blown a breaker before? We’ve all made the mistake of turning on two power-hungry appliances at once, like using the microwave while we make toast.  Every electrical circuit has its limits. When you overload a power point, all of your appliances and lights will abruptly shut off. Depending on your electrical […]

The Dangers Of A Loose Electrical Outlet

Most of us plug our electronics and appliances in without a second thought. It’s such a common task that we rarely step back to take a closer look at our electrical outlets.  If an electrical outlet is slightly loose, is it really dangerous to plug something into it? Here’s our advice: don’t plug anything into […]

How To Reset A Tripped Circuit Breaker

You’ve just come home with a brand new TV, and you can’t wait to see the high-definition screen in action. Once you finish setting it up, you sit back, kick your feet up, and switch it on. But suddenly, the TV loses power. It seems that you’ve tripped the breaker. Was your new electronic device […]

Thinking Of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel?

You’re tired of dealing with flickering lights, blown breakers, and outdated appliances. Is it time to invest in a new electrical panel with more capacity? The answer depends on why you need it. We’re going to dive into thrie most common reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade their electrical panels, and why you should hire […]

Do You Need An Electrician To Add A New Light Fixture?

When you install new hardwood flooring or repaint the interior of your home, you show it off with a sense of pride. Not only did you upgrade the appearance of your property, but you did so with your own two hands! If your living room or bathroom is looking a bit bland, add an element […]

Hidden Electrical Hazards

Many of us are familiar with the most common electrical hazards in our homes. If we plug something in and sparks fly out, we know to call an electrician ASAP. But what about the hazards that aren’t so obvious? Watch out for the following electrical hazards and signs that indicate lurking danger: Flickering Lights Is […]