Many of us are familiar with the most common electrical hazards in our homes. If we plug something in and sparks fly out, we know to call an electrician ASAP.

But what about the hazards that aren’t so obvious? Watch out for the following electrical hazards and signs that indicate lurking danger:

Flickering Lights

Is someone playing a prank on you? Perhaps it’s a ghost?

Probably not—the most likely cause behind your flickering lights is an electrical hazard. If you notice that the lights flicker when you plug in a high-powered appliance (like an air conditioner, laundry machine, or refrigerator), chances are it’s due to a limited power supply. The wire themselves may be overheating or faulty.

A Cord is Pinched

In areas like your home office or the entertainment room, it can be tough to find places for all your cords. If they’re left strewn about the floor, someone could easily trip and injure themselves. Naturally, you move cords behind furniture and under tables to keep the floors clear. But if cords are covered completely, they’re at risk of overheating.

Another danger is when heavy objects sit on top of cords. This can damage the casing that protects the wires, creating a fire hazard. 

You may need to use a cable management system to keep your cords protected and out of the way. 


The Breaker Keeps Tripping

How many of us have used the microwave and the toaster at the same time, then tripped the breaker?

This safety feature is designed to prevent a circuit from being overloaded, which can cause an electrical fire. A breaker that trips frequently indicates that too much power is being drawn, or that the circuit can’t handle it.

Old Wiring

There’s something undeniably unique about a character home. They just don’t make homes like they used to anymore! 

When it comes to things like electricity, that’s for good reason. Many old homes have knob and tube wiring, an electrical system that is dangerous for several reasons: it doesn’t do well with moisture, it can’t handle modern electricity demands, and it lacks ground wires.  

Powertec Electric offers knob and tube replacements if you’re concerned about the wiring in your home.

A Power Strip is Hot

Power bars are convenient (you get more usage out of a single outlet) and save you money (you can shut off unused devices to save electricity). However, when used incorrectly, they also pose a safety hazard.

Overloading a power bar can put excessive demands on your home’s electrical system. Try not to plug any heat-producing appliances into a power strip since they require a lot of energy.

A Smoke Detector with a Dead Battery

While this isn’t an electrical hazard itself, a dead smoke detector will fail to alarm you if an electrical fire starts. By the time you figure out that there’s a problem with your wiring, it may be too late.

Inspect your smoke detector regularly to ensure that the battery is in working order. 

If you’re looking for electrical companies in Winnipeg, contact Powertec Electric. We’re committed to helping home and business owners make their properties safer. Give us a call if you’re concerned about hidden electrical hazards.