Do you have any delinquent refrigerators or freezers that is 15 years old and above? Do you plan to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliances? Have you heard about the Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate and Saving?

These fridge and freezer are usually not energy efficient anymore. These appliances can cost you an annual energy bill of $100. Upgrading them to energy star certified freezers and refrigerators could save you money.

Manitoba Hydro is offering you a favorable and convenient way to dispose of your old fridge. This scheme is through the Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program.

manitoba hydro power smart program

What is a Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate?

Sometimes, disposal of your refrigerators after acquiring a new unit can be a problem. However, the Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program of Manitoba Hydro will do the work for you. Also, you may earn a $50 per unit they collect.
Manitoba Hydro recycles these products. Recycling is critical to lessen the pollutants in our environment. Plastics are made into pots, copper into copper wires and aluminum into some car parts. The oil is drilled and tipped to drain. The shell of the fridge is crushed and shredded that are used for bridges.

But are you eligible for the program?

Are you eligible for the program?

For you to participate in the program, you must be the owner of the appliance. You must also be a Manitoba Hydro residential customer, and of legal age.

Your refrigerator must still be functional and is ten cubic feet large or more. Condominiums, apartments, and businesses do not qualify for the program. You can dispose of three appliances per residence.

However, if your appliance is already nonfunctional, call the local municipality for disposal when outside Winnipeg. If you are within Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, call 311 to request for pickup. You also visit the page of the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste for more information.

How to participate in Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate

If you want to check if you are eligible, call 1-855-537-4343. The same number you will call for pickup. Prepare your account number and address.

You must make sure to clean your appliances. If you are the owner, you must be present. You are also to check and sign the papers regarding the said program.

If you want to cancel or move your appointment, please call 1-855-537-4343. After 4 to 6 weeks from disposal, you may get $50 cheque for every appliance.

Missing your appointment may be rescheduled but missing it the second time will disqualify you.

What Are You Waiting For?

manitoba hydro rebate programsApply now and avail of the incentives of the Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate!

There are also other Manitoba Hydro Programs that are available for you. They have the:
– Affordable Energy Program
– Heat Recovery Ventilator Control Program
– Home Insulation Program
– Lighting
– Power Smart for New Homes
– Indigenous Communities and Power Smart
– Solar Energy Program and Water and Energy Saver Program.

Some of these programs that you can avail cover not only the owner but also the contractors. Give us a call to assist and give you a quality service. We are one of the participating contractors of the Manitoba Hydro Programs.