Feb 4, 2022

Office Building Electrical Safety Guide & Tips

No matter what type of business you may be running, electricity is at the heart of all you do. Your employees wouldn’t be able to run their computers or fax those documents without a grounded electrical system. The question is: How can you ensure that your office is...

Amps, Volts, Watts: Differences Explained

When working with electrical systems, it’s vital to know the difference between amps, volts, and watts. An understanding of these electrical terms are helpful when it comes time to repair any old household wiring. While you may run into some confusion seeing terms...

What Is An Electric Transformer?

Electric transformers are everywhere, but a lot of people don’t really know what they’re used for. This blog will explain their uses and purposes: Significance Simply, electrical transformers are machines that are built and used to transfer electricity between...

How To Get Your Electric Car Rebate

It’s no secret: gas-powered cars contribute to climate change. If you’re looking to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, switching to an electric car is more affordable than ever. Did you know that you can save a substantial amount of money when you buy an electric...

Cost Of Installing An EV Charger At Home

Shopping for a new car? Now’s the time to switch to an electric vehicle.  More and more Canadians are scrapping their gas-guzzling cars for electric ones. EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and allow you to save money on rising gas prices. Even better, there...

How Can You Avoid Power Point Overloads?

Who of us hasn’t blown a breaker before? We’ve all made the mistake of turning on two power-hungry appliances at once, like using the microwave while we make toast.  Every electrical circuit has its limits. When you overload a power point, all of your appliances...

The Dangers Of A Loose Electrical Outlet

Most of us plug our electronics and appliances in without a second thought. It’s such a common task that we rarely step back to take a closer look at our electrical outlets.  If an electrical outlet is slightly loose, is it really dangerous to plug something into...

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