There are many home renovations that you can do yourself. Painting the walls, staining the cabinets, and even making your own furniture are a few examples. But electrical work isn’t necessarily one of them. 

Hiring an electrician shouldn’t be the corner you cut to save on your budget. It’s a matter of safety: one faulty wire and your house might go up in flames. Here’s why hiring a licensed electrician is important:


You’ll save time.

It’s often said that time is money. Many DIY-savvy homeowners like to skip out on hiring professionals so that they don’t have to pay for their services. However, this means that they’ll need to use their own time to get the work done.

The many hours you’ll spend researching electrical installation, purchasing equipment, and then setting it up could be spent on other tasks. For example, doing work on your home that doesn’t pose a safety hazard!


DIY is not as cost-effective as you might think.

Any savings are lost if the job isn’t done right the first time. You’ll have to spend additional time and money fixing your mistakes. Not to mention that this could have all been avoided in the first place if a licensed electrician did the work.

Think about what would happen if your electrical work caused damage to your home. That’s another cost that you’ll need to cover out of pocket. When you add up all these expenses, hiring a licensed electrician pays for itself.


If you do the work yourself, it might void your insurance.

Home insurance is important for peace of mind. When accidents happen, you want to know that you’ll be covered for financial losses. However, insurance providers won’t give you coverage if your electrical work was not done by a licensed electrician. 

The last thing you want to learn after a house fire is that your insurance won’t cover the expenses, simply because your electrician wasn’t licensed. 

If you hire an electrician that isn’t licensed, you’ll be liable for any damages they suffer on the job. Doing the work yourself, or hiring someone who isn’t qualified, is not a risk that’s worth taking.


There won’t be any uncertainty about the safety of your home.

Even if you do the work yourself, and don’t encounter any immediate issues, you have to wonder: what does the future hold? In a year or two, will something go wrong that could have been prevented? 

These are the kinds of thoughts that might keep you up at night. Is it worth skipping a bill to deal with this persistent anxiety? Probably not. 

When you hire a licensed electrician, they’ll perform a detailed inspection of your home and detect any potential dangers. These issues will be addressed immediately, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents waiting to happen.

The safety of your family and home is invaluable. It’s well worth it to hire an electrician who knows what they’re doing to guarantee that safety. You won’t need to worry about electrical fires resulting from faulty wiring or improper installation. 

So, you’ve decided that you’ll need an electrician for your next remodel—the next step is finding the right one. Of all the Winnipeg electrical companies, Powertec Electric is one of the best. Call us whenever you need a licensed electrician!