There are a number of different lighting options available at the local home improvement store. How do you decide which one is the right choice for your home? Many people get confused by all the options, including recessed lighting and flush mount lighting. They need to learn the differences before they can choose the one that is perfect for their space. 

If you want to know more about these different lighting styles, this guide will walk you through the basics:

What is Recessed Lighting? 

Recessed lighting may be known by several different names including can lights and pot lights. With this type of lighting, the light fixture is going to be flush with the ceiling. The pots are usually fixed inside the ceiling, and the bulbs are screwed into these pots. 

This type of lighting is great for rooms that have low ceilings. Because the lights do not protrude from the ceiling, it can make your room appear larger. You won’t have to worry about guests accidentally hitting their heads on lighting hanging from a low ceiling. 

The lighting provided by recessed lighting is great for areas that need ambient lighting. They tend to provide narrower pathways of light compared to flush mount lighting. As a result, you may need more can lights to effectively light the area. This is particularly true if the space requires good lighting, such as for a kitchen preparation area. 

What is Flush Mount Lighting? 

Unlike recessed lighting that is actually fixed into the ceiling, flush mount lighting has little to no space between the ceiling and the fixture. It is also good for areas with low ceilings, though it does protrude from the ceiling more than recessed lighting does. However, it does not hang low like a chandelier or pendant lighting. 

Flush mount lighting provides better light than recessed lighting. Instead of the light being focused in narrow beams, it casts a wider swath of light around the room. This makes it ideal for areas where you are performing tasks that require good lighting like in an office or kitchen. It is great for small rooms as it can effectively light the entire space. Many of these fixtures also use the bright LED lights that last longer and are more energy-efficient. 

While recessed lights typically come in just a handful of styles, flush mount lights come in a wide variety of looks and finishes. You can choose a style that complements the rest of your home so that the entire design flows together. 

Choosing the Right Lighting

Whether you decide on recessed lighting or flush mount lighting, you’ll need help installing your new lights from the top Winnipeg electrical services. Powertec Electric can guide you toward the decision that is right for your home. If you need advice about the best lighting styles, be sure to give us a call today!