When you have any sort of work done in and around your home, you need to make sure that you get the highest quality work at a price that’s right for your individual needs and budget. Choosing a tradesman to work with for the first time is often a difficult and worrisome experience, particularly if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across our list of the top 5 most important things that you’ll want to know when deciding on an electrician to hire.

Licensed & Insured

THE most important thing to consider when choosing your electrician is whether or not they are licensed. If not, you turn around right now! Here’s why: a license is your personal guarantee that your contractor has successfully completed the necessary courses and practical work needed to perform the job both safely, and correctly. If you have an electrical problem, the last thing you need is a poor electrician mucking things up even more. Always make sure a license is current, and do an online check to be certain. Make sure that your electrician is licensed for the type of work that you need. Sometimes you’ll come across an electrician with a restricted license, which is okay, as long as he/she can still perform the job you need done. And don’t forget to check that your electrician carries all of the necessary insurances, and that all of them are current.

Value For Money

When looking for a new electrician, it’s a great idea to get quotes. In fact, the more quotes you can get, the better. A great rule of thumb in this situation is to have at least 4 quotes before deciding which electrician you’re going to actually hire. In getting your quotes, always be sure that you are communicating exactly what work you’ll require, as well as the exact fittings and materials that you would like to use. If one of your electricians doesn’t give you a breakdown of costs, ask for one! This makes it easier to compare one quote to another in order to decide which electrician is a better value, not necessarily cheaper. Choosing your electrical contractor on price alone is a bad idea, as there are several other important factors you’ll need to consider.



Most people are more likely to try something new if someone they trust has recommended it to them. A recommendation can be an invaluable source when choosing any type of tradesman or service. Knowing that someone close to you has had a positive experience with an electrician and been happy with the workmanship and level of service they received is possibly the best endorsement you can get. If you can’t get a recommendation on your own, ask the electrician for references. If you don’t feel comfortable that the recommendations are legitimate, try contacting the referee on your own.

Attitude & Communication

No one wants to deal with a person who carries around a bad attitude or provides sloppy workmanship. And that should go double for someone you’ll be paying. Take note if your electrician arrives on time for your quote. If they were running behind, did they call ahead to let you know that you weren’t forgotten? Do they communicate with you in general? You need to be confident that you’re both on the same page in order to prevent miscommunication during the project. The appearance and attitude of a serviceman is generally reflected on their workmanship. If you hire someone who is late, doesn’t communicate, and is generally intractable, chances are good that those traits will reflect back in their work.

Following is a handy checklist that sums up everything we’ve just talked about. If you’re in need of a good electrician, write it down and follow the steps, and we promise you can’t go wrong.

  • Check Licenses & Insurance
  • Is Their Quote Fair And Competitive?
  • If You Require A Specialized Job, Are They Experienced In That Field?
  • Has Someone Recommended Them? If Not, Can They Show You References?
  • Is Their Attitude & Appearance Neat And Professional?
  • Possibly The Most Important: Are You Completely Comfortable Working With This Company/Electrician?