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Manitoba Hydro Natural Gas Facts and Safety Tips

If you are in Canada, you can choose from the different energy sources. These are, but not limited to oil, natural gas, hydroelectricity, solar, and the wind. In the province of Manitoba and nearby communities, Manitoba Hydro natural gas is available to the public. Manitoba Hydro is electric power and natural gas utility located its […]

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates, Savings and Financing

A furnace is part of your home heating system that provides warmth to your home. It blows warm air through ducts and distributes it to your home via registers. The energy source may be electricity, natural gas or fuel oil. When the furnace would break down during winter, it would be terrible. You would need […]

Gain and Earn from Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate

Do you have any delinquent refrigerators or freezers that is 15 years old and above? Do you plan to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliances? Have you heard about the Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate and Saving? These fridge and freezer are usually not energy efficient anymore. These appliances can cost you an annual energy […]

Solar Power Rebates for Increased Use

Using renewable and sustainable energy sources has been encouraged by many governments over the years, especially since these power systems can benefit both the consumers and the environment in the long run. With that in mind, renewable energy programs by the state have been established, and this may range from solar power rebates or solar […]

Information On Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates

Canada is known throughout the world as being cold. While this isn’t necessarily true in all parts of Canada, it is true that compared to places like America and South America. We have a lot colder winter times, which means that in order to stay comfortable, we need to have good, reliable heating systems to […]

Manitoba Hydro Solar Program: A Guide

The Manitoba Hydro Solar Program is designed and established for electricity consumers who wish to have solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed in their homes in Manitoba to power their entire household with the alternative power source that is solar energy. Availability and Requirements of the Manitoba Hydro Solar Program The Manitoba Hydro Solar Program can […]