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Rebates and Financing from Manitoba Hydro Insulation Program

Houses built 20 years ago possibly don’t have sufficient insulation. Insulation can save you energy and money. Much more, it can add to the comfort of your homes. You may insulate your attics, walls and even the foundation. Wall insulation may be bulk or injected, and foundation insulation has various methods. Attic insulation, on the […]

Gain and Earn from Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate

Do you have any delinquent refrigerators or freezers that is 15 years old and above? Do you plan to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliances? Have you heard about the Manitoba Hydro Refrigerator Rebate and Saving? These fridge and freezer are usually not energy efficient anymore. These appliances can cost you an annual energy […]

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Program: A Smart Way To Save Money

When you’re thinking about powering your home, chances are you are thinking about an expensive energy bill that comes along with it. The bigger your house the bigger the bill, and the more energy you use the higher it goes. That’s how it’s always gone for energy bills, and that’s how most would assume it […]