Category: Electrical Safety

Do You Need An Electrician To Add A New Light Fixture?

When you install new hardwood flooring or repaint the interior of your home, you show it off with a sense of pride. Not only did you upgrade the appearance of your property, but you did so with your own two hands! If your living room or bathroom is looking a bit bland, add an element […]

Hidden Electrical Hazards

Many of us are familiar with the most common electrical hazards in our homes. If we plug something in and sparks fly out, we know to call an electrician ASAP. But what about the hazards that aren’t so obvious? Watch out for the following electrical hazards and signs that indicate lurking danger: Flickering Lights Is […]

10 Electrical Safety Requirements For Landlords

As a tenant, you hope that the next home you rent has safe electrical wiring. But how can you be sure? Electrical fires claim hundreds of lives each year and cause thousands of injuries. Your landlord is responsible for ensuring the electrical safety of your suite. Here are the safety requirements that a landlord must […]

Extension Cord Safety Tips For Indoor & Outdoor Use

You’re setting up your new computer, but the power outlet is just out of reach—that is, until you remember the extension cord tucked away in the junk drawer. You plug in both ends, and voila! Your electronic device is all powered up. But before you kick back and relax, you might want to check that […]

Replacing Outdated Fuse Panels

Most of us take it for granted, but it’s nothing short of amazing that when we plug in appliances, they’re instantly fuelled by electricity. Yet we hardly give it a second thought. Take the fuse panel in your home, for example. Have you ever wondered what powers all your electronics, from your entertainment system to […]

Old House Wiring, Inspection, and Repair

Character homes come with many advantages: they’re affordable, unique, and historic. But older houses have other problems, like outdated wiring. 100 years ago, power demands for the average household were very different; they didn’t have computers, TVs, and power bars like we do now. To live a technology-driven lifestyle in a historic home, adjustments need […]