Electrical Service Upgrades Winnipeg
Powertec Electric offers electrical service upgrades in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. For more reliable electricity, upgrade your panel today!
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Electrical Service Upgrades Winnipeg

Have you been making a holiday meal only to find the circuit on your oven broke halfway through cooking it? Looking forward to installing the new hot tub you just bought?

In any of these scenarios, you might need an electrical service upgrade.

Winnipeg is full of homes of all sizes—and those homes are filled with all kinds of people. Not everyone has the same needs, and not all households use the same amount of power.

Powertec Electric has served Winnipeg for over a decade. Our electricians have seen Winnipeggers left out in the cold because of faulty, underpowered or faulty electrical services. We can ensure that your service upgrade will give you the right amount of power for your home—no more, no less. 

When should you upgrade?

With planned obsolescence, it can feel like you need to replace appliances and electronics every year. Fortunately, the same isn’t true for service panels—your system will only rarely need an upgrade.

When the time comes to upgrade, however, it will be well worth the effort. Here are a few of the circumstances that make upgrading worthwhile:

  • Your system is overloaded—and circuits keep breaking
  • You’re going to install a big appliance, like a hot tub
  • You have an electric vehicle, and you want to charge it at home
  • You’re getting a new heating system that runs on electricity
  • Your old service panel is past its prime, and you need to replace it
  • You’ve got an old, low capacity, and potentially dangerous 60 amp system

In any of these situations, you should consider upgrading your system. Our electricians can calculate your average power load, pick the perfect system for your needs, and install it quickly.

Types of service upgrades

At Powertec Electric, we offer two types of service upgrades: 100 amp and 200 amp.

A 100 amp service panel is perfect for small to medium-sized homes in Winnipeg. With a 100 amp service, small and medium-sized homes will be able to run modern electronics and appliances as well as an air conditioning system. Anyone with a 60 amp service should upgrade to a 100 amp service right away—most homes need at least 100 amps, and 60 amp services are old enough that most verge on being dangerous.

200 amp service panels are perfect for anyone with a larger home. They’re also almost always necessary for homes with electric heating (like electric furnaces). Homes with heated pools, hot tubs, and other large fixtures that run on electricity may also need to upgrade to a 200 amp service.

You’ll also want to upgrade your service if you’ve still got knob-and-tube wiring. This type of wiring is dangerous and may cause problems if you’re trying to sell or insure your home. 

Call Powertec Electric and upgrade your electrical service today!

By upgrading your electrical service, you’ll have access to higher-end appliances—and you’ll have to deal with fewer circuit breaks. Best of all, your new panel will last you for decades—and keep you safe.

Call Powertec Electric today. We’ll calculate your load, find the perfect service for your needs, and install it for you. You’ll love the results—we guarantee it.

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