Design-Build Electrical
Powertec Electric offers design-build for electrical construction projects in Winnipeg. Read more here to learn about this innovative process—call today!
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Design-Build Electrical

Construction is vital to the growth of your business. By avoiding delays and miscommunication, you can help ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget.

An unproblematic, timely construction project. It’s what business owners everywhere dream of.

That dream can be a reality. At Powertec Electric, we offer design-build electrical construction. This innovative new practice lessens the time spent bidding on contractors, reduces the number of subcontractors you need to monitor, and improves communication—all while producing better results.

How Does It Work?

Traditional electrical construction relies on a three-phase process: Design, bid, and build. Working alongside an architect, an electrical engineer will draw up the schematics for your building’s electrical system. From there, you’ll entertain bids from a number of different electrical contractors, choose the best bid, then hire them to build what the engineer has drawn up.

Design-build, conversely, uses a two-step process. When you hire Powertec Electric to build your electrical system, our in-house electrical engineer will also design it for you. This removes the need to bid for a separate electrical contractor—you’ll get everything you need, all from one contractor. 

Benefits of a Design-Build Approach

The benefits of design-build are almost innumerable—but we’ll write about a few of them anyway. With design-build, you’ll:

  • Save time. Less bidding means more building. Design-build allows you to choose one contractor and stick with them—no need to bid for both design and construction.
  • Save money. With design and build happening almost simultaneously, your project will be finished faster. Construction delays are costly—and design-build decreases delays.
  • Have a better end result. With design-build, the electrical engineer and electricians work closely together to ensure your project is built without a hitch. This close collaboration leads to innovations, deeper communication, and better problem-solving.
  • Have fewer parties to hold to account. The more subcontractors you have on your project, the more stakeholders you’ll need to worry about. By choosing to design-build with Powertec, you’ll limit the number of subcontractors—and lower the chances of miscommunication. Best of all, you’ll always know who is responsible for the design and construction of your electrical systems—us.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with a design-build approach. It’s no wonder that more Winnipeg businesses are choosing design-build with Powertec for their construction projects. 

Why Choose Design-Build With Powertec

We have over a decade of experience providing innovative electrical construction solutions to businesses in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Our team of electrical engineers and electricians is always growing—and constantly learning. Through the use of innovative techniques, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader in the city. 

By combining our design and construction capabilities, you’ll take a holistic, top-down approach to your electrical construction project. The constant communication between our design and build teams will lead to more elegant designs and to rapid turnaround times. Additionally, when problems arise, our design and build teams will quickly coordinate together to solve them.

Bring Your Electrical Construction Project to the Next Level With Powertec

Design-build is a revolutionary way to expedite and improve your electrical construction projects. We’re proud of the team of electrical engineers and electricians we’ve assembled. Let us take your project to the next level—call Powertec Electric today.

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