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Power Outages in Manitoba

I’m going to call power outages inconvenient, because the tenants of writing for a website that’s accessible by people of all ages include not using more…powerful words. We’re quite lucky in Winnipeg; we don’t face some of the more catastrophic weather events that tend to lead to wide scale power outages. Our infrastructure is relatively […]

What Caused That Blackout?

You’re sitting at home, enjoying a movie on Netflix with your partner – all of the sudden everything goes black. You check the breaker, but everything seems okay; you look out into the street and notice the streetlights are off. You get on your cell phone, which you’ve thankfully charged, and check the status of […]

Should You Get a UPS System for Your Home Office?

Have you been debating making a few upgrades to your home office? If you spend a lot of time getting work done from home, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system might be just the change you need. You never know when you might experience a power flicker that could cost you hours’ worth of work. […]

Manage Power Interruptions When Watching the Most Popular Sports in Manitoba

It’s the last few seconds of the first half and your team has only a slight advantage that they may lose during the next few seconds. You’re pumped up with excitement when suddenly the TV goes blank, the air conditioner shuts off, and the room goes dark. It’s a power outage in the middle of […]