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4 Tips About Electricity For The New Homeowner

Congratulations! You’ve just become a homeowner. This experience is incredibly exciting—but it can also be quite daunting.  There’s a lot to learn about homeownership. You might have questions like: How do you unclog a drain? What about cleaning the eavestroughs? And how much will my utilities cost? Have you thought about how you’ll manage electricity […]

Lighting Plan For New Construction

You’ve spent months drafting blueprints for your new building, and you can’t wait for construction to begin. But have you given much thought to its lighting plan? As you decide how to light the interior of your building, consider the following: The light switches need to be in convenient locations. Each room needs an adequate […]

How To Reset A Tripped Circuit Breaker

You’ve just come home with a brand new TV, and you can’t wait to see the high-definition screen in action. Once you finish setting it up, you sit back, kick your feet up, and switch it on. But suddenly, the TV loses power. It seems that you’ve tripped the breaker. Was your new electronic device […]

Recessed Lighting VS Flush Mount Lighting

There are a number of different lighting options available at the local home improvement store. How do you decide which one is the right choice for your home? Many people get confused by all the options, including recessed lighting and flush mount lighting. They need to learn the differences before they can choose the one […]

What It Takes To Charge An EV At Home

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, you might be wondering just what it takes to juice up your new car. Perhaps you’ve already scouted out locations around town that allow you to charge your vehicle while you shop. However, it is more convenient to charge up your car from the comfort of […]

Electrical Outlets – Parking & Transportation Services

Every car owner knows the dreaded feeling of a car that won’t start. Whether you’re on your way to work or to pick up your kid from school, there’s never a good time for the engine to fail. This occurrence is all too common in the winter, especially in Winnipeg. By using an electrical outlet […]