Canada is known throughout the world as being cold. While this isn’t necessarily true in all parts of Canada, it is true that compared to places like America and South America. We have a lot colder winter times, which means that in order to stay comfortable, we need to have good, reliable heating systems to keep us warm.

While it might sound romantic to sit in front of a fire to warm up, the reality is not everyone has time to constantly maintain a fire, and with modern day advances, such as heating systems for your house, there really is no need.

A hydro-air heating system can be one of the best ways to heat up your home during the cold, Canadian winters. Hydro-air heating systems use water to heat up the air and heat your home. This can be a great, cost effective way to keep warm during the winter, and can be effective enough to heat your entire home safely and reliably, much more than a tradition fire or gas heating system.

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates

Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebates

Luckily, if you live in Manitoba and use a Hydro Furnace, you may qualify for a rebate, just for using one. Below we have listed some of the main rebates Hydro is offering for those who use a Hydro Furnace:

Affordable Energy Program: Targeted towards lower income households, this program can help Manitobans afford to be warm or cool throughout the year. This can especially help struggling families who struggle paying their power bills.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Control Program: Want an instant $150 rebate? Upgrade to an HRV control system and receive some cold, hard, cash, just for upgrading.

Home Insulation Program: If you upgrade your home insulation to Power Smart levels, you could quality for a nice rebate, not to mention the money you will save having better insulation around your house.

Refrigerator Retirement Program: If you are no longer in need of your old refrigerator, retire it to them and you will receive a $50 rebate. This can help reduce the hazardous wastes that can come from improperly disposing of an old refrigerator, or even worse, eternally rotting in a landfill where it can get no further use.

Solar Energy Program: If you are interested in upgrading to Solar Energy panels for your home to become more self sufficient and cut down your energy bill significantly, after you power your home, Hydro will purchase any additional energy you produce for around $1 per watt, which can be used either on your next bill, or to just go into your pocket.

Check out Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebate Here

Check out Manitoba Hydro Furnace Rebate Here

So if you’re looking for some extra cash this season, be sure to check out these deals on the Manitoba Hydro rebates website to see if you qualify for any of them. You might just be sitting on a pile of cash, or you might be inspired to make smart choices with your home energy systems and get some money out of it, as well. As always, feel free to call or email us with any additional questions.